Internationalization Services

Internationalization Services (for Software Testing Companies)


We offer the following Internationalization services (for Germany, Austria, Switzerland):

We are a small German-based company in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and we offer our services to you if your IT & Software Testing company is from Ireland, India, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Phillipines, Pakistan, Korea, Russia or any other foreign country and if you want to make business in Germany.


Market Representation Germany (for Foreign Software Testing Companies):

  • Market Representation of Foreign Software Testing Companies in Germany (and Europe); that means that we in Germany (on a temporary basis) represent products/services of companies from outside of Germany which want to make business in Germany. [And if after an initial trial period of some months all sides agree that this was a sucess so far we could continue with permanent market representation in Germany for your products/services.]
  • Contact person for your German customers (we can handle all requests of your German customers like telephone calls, e-mail, fax in German language to improve the confidence of your German speaking customers in your services/products and you can show your German customers your comittment of doing business in Germany by providing a German native speaker as contact person)
  • Intercultural mediation/coaching between the foreign company and the Gerrman customers during daily operations: we help your company to understand how your German customer thinks and make the communication and business process of your ongoing operations with your German customer more smooth as we understand the way of thinking of both sides (the foreign company and the German customer)
  • tailor-made Market Intelligence (Market Research) & Reports on Germany and specific German product/service markets (in English language or German language)
  • ongoing technology scouting and trend scouting in Germany (for foreign companies from outside of Germany): What is going on in Germany in your company's specific product/service market?
  • Market entry strategies for Germany
  • Search for potential new customers in Germany (corporate customers)
  • Search for potential new suppliers from Germany (global sourcing)
  • Marketing services for Germany
  • Temporary Office Representation (market representation): We establish a temporary office place with a short-term leasing contract and represent your company and products in Germany. After for instance 3-6 months you decide if you want to establish and operate a permanent representation by yourself and recruit new staff in Germany or send somebody from your home base to work here in Germany. We pull out and your own staff takes over the office place. This system is low risk because all contracts are short-term and you always have an opt-out possibility if you decide after the initial 3-6 months not to continue your activities in Germany.


Software Testing Services for German speaking markets:

  • Software & Functionality Testing of localized German language software (software translated/adapted from other languages into German language) as well as functional tests, user tests, system tests of international/multilingual software applications or web applications. We are ISTQB / ISEB Certified Software Testers.
  • Internet & IT Services


Human Resources Services for the German market:

  • If you want to place your own staff at customers places in Germany: Proof-Reading of German language Resumes (CV - Curriculum Vitae) for private persons who are looking for a job in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. See also:



  • Help to find and book German language courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and language courses for all European languages in various European countries (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Find a free Language Exchange partner for you in Germany, Austria, Switzerland in order to improve your speaking and listening skills of the German language. See also:




Please contact us if you look for other services not listed here. We might be able to help you or we might know somebody who can help you.