15 Best Valentine’s Day Destinations That Americans Can Visit Without a Passport

15 Best Valentine’s Day Destinations That Americans Can Visit Without a Passport

These carefully chosen destinations for Valentine’s Day are some of the things one can add to their travel list to experience a truly romantic getaway.

Here are some of the top Valentine’s Day destinations in the United States for this year to help you organize a trip to remember.

In the past ten years, Vieques Island in Puerto Rico has gained recognition as an opulent and serene location where locals and visitors alike can take advantage of the island’s tropical weather and abundant natural resources without having to worry about the bustle of the island’s capital, San Juan.

The area’s underdevelopment is exactly what makes it more popular with tourists. The 134 square mile location has beaches and nearly undiscovered vegetated areas. It is also teeming with wildlife.

Playa Negra, also known as Little Lack Beach, is a popular destination on Vieques. There are flecks of brown and black sand mixed together on this secluded beach. Take a stroll or a swim in the morning to see Puerto Rico’s stunning sunrise.

San Juan has a lively Caribbean vibe with gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, an exciting nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, and incredibly welcoming locals.

San Juan is among the least expensive places to travel in the US, as Travel Noire noted. Many flights are available for less than $100 round-trip.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are an island chain that includes St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, and they are also situated in the Caribbean.

Often referred to as “America’s Paradise,” this year-round location boasts nearly always beach-perfect weather, with an average winter temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (a little higher in the summer).

breathtaking scenery and gorgeous beaches.

The US Virgin Islands are located approximately 1106 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and 40–50 miles east of Puerto Rico.

One of the most well-liked beach towns in California is La Jolla, which boasts an amazing coastline with mind-blowing views. La Jolla, sometimes known as “the jewel” of San Diego, is another choice for travelers who wish to experience a paradisiacal location without needing a passport. It is flanked by the steep slopes of Mt. Soledad and surrounded by the sea on three sides. La Jolla is known for its natural beauty, outdoor pursuits, and pleasant lifestyle.

La Jolla has a wide range of lodging options, including opulent hotels and laid-back beach cottages, in addition to museums and art galleries.

Located on the Southern Coast of Texas, South Padre Island is a year-round destination for those who love clearwater tropical beaches, South Padre Island may be a good option.

The Marianas, sometimes referred to as the Northern Mariana Islands, are a serene entryway into warm weather in the

The archipelago has golf courses and other recreational sports facilities in addition to public beach parks and preserves. Travelers especially like scuba diving here because of the stunning beaches.

Guam, which is in the Western Pacific, is the ideal vacation spot for people who like the beach and warm weather.

Guam’s unending summertime weather contributes to its reputation as an adventure destination, drawing lots of travelers searching for new ways to pass their time.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and having a good time, the island has parks with amazing attractions like the Sigua Falls, which are situated atop Nimitz Hill.

Guam’s best adventure park, Latte Valley, allows visitors to experience both nature and Chamorro culture.

Key West is an incredible city known for its natural beauty. Key West is, in fact, an island, belonging to the Florida Keys archipelago, located in the extreme south of the state.

This is the southernmost city in the United States, which is closer to Cuba than to Miami. While Key West is about 167 miles from Miami, its distance to Havana is only 105 miles.

Amelia Island, which USA Today Travel ranked among the top ten US islands, is highly regarded for its lengthy stretches of peaceful beaches, stunning natural surroundings, intriguing seaport character, and unique history. In addition, the location offers fine dining, opulent spas, championship golf courses, delectable dinners, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Amelia Island offers a vast array of activities for visitors to choose from, making it easy to pass the time. Travelers can take a leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride through Fernandina Beach’s historic center or embark on a sunset boat tour.

Enjoy the island’s natural wonders by riding a Segway or going on a kayak or stand-up paddleboarding tour to see the amazing wildlife in the area.

Strangely enough, most visitors to California do not include a visit to this island paradise on their itinerary. Situated 22 miles south of the coast and sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego, Catalina Island is an ideal place to spend a day trip or weekend escape.

Its white sand beaches are infectious, but strolling around the island’s palm-lined streets also brings joyous moments. Its vibrant homes, which are constantly bathed in sunlight, will make you happy to spend the day outside.

Looking to escape the cold with an active getaway? On Hilton Head Island, you can take a swing at golfing as a couple on some of the most famous golf courses in the country, or enjoy biking, kayaking, fishing and more seaside activities. It’s the perfect spot for the couple who loves to do everything together.

If you’re looking for a ski vacation on the East Coast, you’ll find great February ski conditions in Stowe, Vermont. Enjoy mountain views, hit the slopes together and then celebrate the holiday with a romantic hot tub or spa date at your resort of choice.

With its mouthwatering cuisine, exciting nightlife, historical sites, and rich music culture, New Orleans is the ideal destination for a couple’s vacation. You can travel there for Mardi Gras at the start of March if you’d rather celebrate Valentine’s Day a little later.

Go all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the Northern Lights, which are still excellent to see in February, if you truly want to make a memory with each other that you won’t soon forget. There is nothing more romantic that comes to mind.

You’ll have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Hawaii, whether you’re spending the day with your significant other or simply treating yourself to a special trip. Maui offers all the perfect ingredients for a romantic getaway—perfect weather, delicious food, and breathtaking scenery.

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