3 Jewish Secrets to Getting Rich of All Time

3 Jewish Secrets to Getting Rich of All Time

Jews account for nearly half of the world’s richest businessmen. All of these world-famous super-rich people are Jewish, including oil tycoon Rockefeller and Wall Street tycoon Morgan.

As one of the world’s most intelligent races, Jews follow the first rule of making money: use their brains. They summed up their money-making experiences, recorded them in the Talmud, and passed them down from generation to generation.

When you understand Jewish wisdom for getting rich, you will have numerous opportunities to become a millionaire or billionaire in the world.

The “Talmud” has a saying that says, “Wheat can be rented to tenants as seed, but wheat used as seed cannot be eaten.” What does this mean?

Jews believe that wheat, like seeds, must be sown in the ground in order to take root, sprout, and produce new wheat. If you grind it into flour to make bread, you are simply consuming and not creating value.

In other words, if you waste your principal, you will never get out of poverty. Only by learning how to make money will you truly achieve wealth.

Rockefeller believed this from a young age. When he graduated from high school, he borrowed $1,000 from his father, started a company with his friends, and saved some money. He loved the oil industry in 1860, but oil prices were too high at the time, so he assessed the market situation and decided to wait for an opportunity.

When the price of crude oil fell to 10 cents three years later, he believed that “the seed to sprout” had arrived. So he sold his current business, purchased a large amount of oil refining equipment, and quickly made a lot of money.

After becoming wealthy, he did not spend the money he earned, instead investing it in new oil refining technologies.

As a result, he gradually expanded his business territory, monopolized the US oil industry, and emerged as the world’s largest oil trader.

And the wheat he “planted” over many years eventually yielded high yields.

Throughout his life, Buffett has followed two guiding principles: “The first sentence, always remember to keep the principal; the second sentence, always remember the first sentence.”

Ordinary people have limited time and opportunities to make money in life.

The first principle, keeping the principal without losing it, allows our capital to accumulate continuously.

Allow money to roll like a snowball, and wealth will constantly come to us.

There are no short cuts to making money. When you can maintain a consistent increase in principal, you are well on your way to becoming wealthy.

Psychologists believe that teenagers’ smiles can predict their earnings as adults.

They discovered this through research: Teens who smiled all the time earned 10% more than the average at age 29, whereas those who smiled less earned 30% less. This means that people who smile a lot tend to earn more money.

Jews follow this as a guideline, as stated in the Talmud: “Smile brings huge wealth.”

In the book, there is a sales guru named William Whyra who earns millions of dollars per year selling life insurance. His secret to making money is his always-smiling face, which customers can’t resist. However, this smile is not natural; it is the result of hard work.

He was repeatedly rejected by customers, but instead of giving up, he went home and practiced smiling brightly.

To achieve the best effect, he plastered the house with famous people’s smiling faces and purchased a large mirror that allowed him to adjust his expressions at any time.

In this way, he gradually mastered the nature of a smile and taught himself to have that million-dollar smile.

He believes that smiling is both an expression and a mental habit.

People who think positively are more likely to connect with and benefit from customers.

Donald Hilton once said, “A smile is the simplest, cheapest, and most practical service.” More importantly, a smile is the lowest-cost investment with the highest return.”

In this world, every business activity involves the exchange of value between people.

With a bright smile, people can highlight their strengths and gain the favor of others.

Smile at others frequently, and they will be willing to pay for your value. Smile more and use your smile as a tool to get rich, and you will soon become wealthy.

The Jews wrote this famous quote in the Talmud: “Money is not something sacred, nor is it something unattainable.”

Money, like clothes, is viewed as a useful item.

Many Jewish tycoons have tens of millions of dollars in assets, but they have never felt the psychological impact of their enormous wealth. They describe their status as follows: “When you win money, you enter a game world.” As a player in the game, you must constantly compete against your opponents. As long as you defeat everyone, the final victory will undoubtedly belong to you.

Morgan, the financier, shares this view. When discussing investing, he always says: “When playing poker, carefully observe each player to see who is taking advantage of you.

“If you can’t see it, you’re the one being taken advantage of.”

As a millionaire, Morgan enjoyed making money, but he never lived for it.

While others spent their money on luxury cars and homes, he meticulously studied the stock market conditions at the time.

A perplexed colleague questioned him: “If you are so wealthy, why do you still work so hard?”

Morgan was quoted as saying: “Money is not important to me, but the process of making money, which is constantly accepting challenges, is the real joy.”

Seeing money as a normal thing and making money as a hobby, this type of game thinking is a Jewish entrepreneur’s competency.

Cao Dewang, the king of China’s glass industry, once said, “Don’t take money too seriously, money is something to explore.” Consider the process of making money as a game. By constantly fighting monsters and upgrading, you can solve any problem that arises. When you immerse yourself in that process, you forget about so-called gains and losses, letting go of illusory success. When you win the game, money is simply a reward.

I’ve heard that the essence of wealth is the realization of thoughts. Those who only think but do not act will be able to observe wealth pass by. Money-making opportunities will emerge once you break free from the cocoon of thinking and see the world beyond your blind spot.

According to the Talmud, “Thinking helps you see things and benefits that others cannot see.”

If you are currently impoverished and unable to find a way out, start by changing your mindset and learning to think like a rich person.

When you change your thinking patterns and overcome your own perceived limitations, wealth will naturally follow.

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