6 Eastern Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Money in 2024

6 Eastern Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Money in 2024

Eastern feng shui expert shares 6 tips to help you change your destiny from 2024. Luck suddenly comes and your financial situation flourishes this year.

Sunlight and air are the sources of life and wealth. If your home is always dark and stuffy, your financial luck will also be affected. Therefore, regularly open the windows to let natural light and fresh air enter the house, bringing vitality and freshness to your fortune.

A lamp that is always lit represents good fortune and peace, and it can bring warmth and light into your home. The constantly lit lantern can also attract the favor of the God of Wealth and increase your financial luck. You can light an eternal lamp in your home’s shrine, entrance, or financial position and pray to it every morning and evening to thank it for its blessings.

The laughter and joy of friends will make the family atmosphere warm and vibrant, attracting the favor of the God of Wealth. There will be a “reputable” person coming to the house. Don’t be stingy in inviting friends to your house to gather, this is a good secret to attracting fortune.

The door is an object that represents both access and travel. If the sofa is facing away from the door, it indicates that you are cut off from wealth; therefore, you should adjust the sofa to face the door or tilt to the side. One side will be rewarded.

Potted plants, in addition to beautifying the indoor environment, can boost vitality and oxygen levels in the home. In the living room, place some potted plants that attract fortune, such as money plants, honeysuckle, lucky bamboo plants, and so on, to increase the auspiciousness and prosperity of your fortune.

Keep some wealth-attracting objects in your wallet, such as the Pixiu, golden toad, and golden hen, all of which are powerful spirit beasts capable of bringing you wealth and good fortune.

These wealth-attracting animals can assist you in attracting more money and opportunities, thereby increasing the stability and growth of your income; if you are familiar with electronic payments, you can keep wealth-attracting animals in your pocket.

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