April 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events

April 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National and International Events

In April 2024, the month commences with the observance of jokes and pranks, followed by the celebration of Earth Day, St. George’s Day, and Penguin Day. On the 23rd of April, we commemorate the birth and death of William Shakespeare, the renowned playwright of Britain. This date also coincides with World Book and Copyright Day.

Below are the significant dates and events occurring in April in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as globally.

1st Apr 2024

Regarded as a morning full of tricks and jokes and celebrated globally. A wide range of people participate in the fun, including schoolchildren, national newspapers, websites, and TV stations. But after midday, avoid pulling pranks; else, you’ll look foolish!

There’s a chance that April Fool’s Day has roots in the end of March Hilaria festival in classical Rome. During these festivities, people would dress up as masquerades, engage in games, and pull practical jokes on other people, like sending them on fool’s errands, which are tasks intended only to trick them.

One possible connection between April Fool’s Day and the Gregorian Calendar’s adoption is this. The official switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars was made in France in 1582. Many people continued to celebrate the new year beyond January 1st, on April 1st, instead of January 1st, as it is thought that not everyone was informed of the change and that some individuals weren’t too pleased with it.

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1st Apr 2024

It always occurs on the Monday following Easter Sunday, which is in the range of March 22 to April 25.

The day following Easter Day, known as Easter Monday, is a national holiday in many countries across the world as well as a bank holiday in the UK.

On Easter Monday, we remember the day that Christ rose from the dead. It is recognized as a unique day on a global scale, signifying the conclusion of the Easter celebrations.

Easter Monday’s origins can be traced back to medieval customs, including “lifting,” in which men would lift women on the day and the women would return the favor the following day. Easter Monday sports traditions date back to the 19th century, and the day has a significant sporting history. Football leagues all around the nation frequently have special games planned for this day.

Today, Easter Monday is frequently observed by people in the United Kingdom as a continuation of Easter celebrations. Easter egg hunts, church services, and spending time with family are common traditions. Since it’s a recognized public holiday, many people use it as a day to unwind and take advantage of having the day off work. Because Easter Monday is based on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox, the exact date varies every year.

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2nd Apr 2024

April 2nd is globally observed as Autism Awareness Day each year.

This is yet another day dedicated to UN health issues. As the name implies, this particular day is dedicated to educating and increasing awareness about autism.

On this day, numerous global organizations that support autism come together to educate the public and advance medical research.

2nd Apr 2024

Every year on April 2nd, the famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, we celebrate International Children’s Book Day. This global celebration of Books for Young People (IBBY) is organized by the International Board to honor the books that have shaped each of us since we were young readers and to highlight the beneficial effects of reading on young people.

In order to promote children’s literature and inspire young people to read more, the International Board on Books for Young People established International Children’s Book Day in 1967. Because it is the birthday of one of the greatest story writers of all time, Hans Christian Andersen, April 2nd was chosen as the date to celebrate this day.

3rd April 2024

Wear your coziest shoes and head outdoors on April 1st to commemorate National Walking Day. On this day, people are urged to lead healthy lives and are reminded that even a small daily walk of thirty minutes can make a significant difference in their general health and help ward off conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

In an effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle and get people moving, the American Heart Association created National Walking Day in 2007. This day serves as a reminder of how vital it is to stay active and get off the couch because most people are unaware of the positive effects that regular walks can have on their overall physical and mental health and well-being.

4th April 2024

One of the two holiest Islamic holidays, Eid al-Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice, is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. Eid al-Adha will be observed on June 28, 2023.

The Islamic lunar calendar determines its date, which is the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah.

Eid al-Adha is not observed as a public holiday in the US, UK, or Canada. In India, though, it is a gazetted holiday.

One translation of the word “Eid” is “festival, holiday, or celebration.” Adha is the word for offering or sacrifice (as in, animal sacrifice).

“Eid al-Adha Mubarak,” which means “Have a blessed “Eid al-Adha,” is a typical greeting.

4th April 2024

The purpose of International Carrot Day is to honor and celebrate the carrot, as well as to highlight its role in the culinary arts, health benefits, and culinary versatility. Since they are a good source of fiber, vitamin K, and beta-carotene, carrots have been a staple diet for centuries. This day provides an opportunity to educate people about the health benefits of this common root vegetable and to promote its use in a variety of recipes as well as raw and juiced.

International Carrot Day was first observed in Sweden in 2003, and that is when the tradition began. During World War II, the UK saw a significant increase in the cultivation and consumption of carrots due to food rationing. The notion that carrots’ high beta-carotene content improved night vision—a quality that pilots greatly prized during the Blitz—was made popular by British propaganda. Carrots continue to be a staple vegetable in British cuisine and have many health benefits, despite the fact that this myth has since been disproven.

5th April 2024

The night that the first verses of the Quran, the sacred book of Islam, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Allah is celebrated on Lailatul Qadr, also called the Night of Power. In Islam, this observance has great symbolic significance. Many Muslims spend the entire night in prayer, reading the Quran, and pleading for forgiveness of their sins. It is a night of intense worship and devotion. It’s a time for introspection, prayer, and spiritual rejuvenation.

The origins of Lailatul Qadr observance can be traced back to the Prophet Muhammad’s life in the seventh century CE. This night has special significance in the UK, where a sizable Muslim population resides. It is observed as a time for community gatherings, introspection on one’s faith, and charitable deeds. To commemorate this night’s significance, a lot of mosques in the UK host special prayer sessions and community gatherings. In addition, the event conveys messages of harmony and peace that are universal to all religions, strengthening the sense of unity in British society as a whole.

Regarding observance, a large number of Muslims in the UK take part in ‘Itikaf, a mosque-based spiritual retreat. They spend the night praying ritualistically, reciting passages from the Quran, and offering up prayers.

The final ten nights of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, coincide with Lailatul Qadr. It is usually observed on one of the odd-numbered nights during this period—the 27th night, most frequently—even though the exact date is not stated.

6th April 2024

Sport is vital to society, and the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace (IDSDP) aims to bring attention to this fact. The day especially highlights how sport has the power to inspire, educate, unite disparate communities, and break down barriers. The internationally acclaimed IDSDP serves as an example of how sports can promote social change by encouraging equality, inclusivity, and a sense of teamwork, ultimately leading to peace and development.

7th April 2024

Around the world, April 7 is designated as World Health Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors the event, and a new global health concern is highlighted each year. In addition, the day honors the WHO’s founding anniversary and serves as a reminder that access to healthcare and good health are fundamental human rights. The World Health Organization hosts regional and global events and activities to commemorate the day.

The World Health Organization and World Health Day have similar beginnings. The United Nations needed an international organization devoted to health issues that was independent of all governments, so on April 7, 1948, the World Health Organization was established.

In order to bring attention to particular health issues and concerns of the World Health Organization, it was decided at the first World Health Assembly in 1948 that April 7 would be observed as World Health Day starting in 1950.

7th April 2024

Those who tragically lost their lives during the horrific events that took place are remembered on the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It also serves as a sobering reminder to always work toward harmony, peace, and the avoidance of such horrible deeds in the future. Given their dedication to promoting human rights and upholding international law, United Nations (UN) members find special significance in this important global observance.

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which killed roughly a million Tutsis, moderate Hutus, and Twa over the course of about 100 days, is the source of the Observance.

Human rights organizations and academic institutions conduct educational programs to mark the occasion in the United Kingdom. These support initiatives that foster peace and harmony as well as raising awareness of the genocide. The UK actively participates in UN affairs and supports global initiatives aimed at preventing such acts. Every year on April 7, the United Kingdom observes the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in accordance with the worldwide observance.

9th Apr 2024

A day to celebrate the most popular mythical creature ever, which is also the symbol of Scotland.

9th Apr to 10th Apr 2024

Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, which ushers in the Shawwal month and ends the fasting month of Ramadan. An alternative name for it is the “Festival of Breaking Fast”.

In India and many other West Asian countries, it is a public holiday.

Two major festivals celebrated by Muslims worldwide are Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. On the first and second days of Shawwal, people celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, which signifies the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Islamic lunar calendar’s tenth month is called Shawwal. Because the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle, the date changes annually according to the Gregorian calendar.

Eid-al-Fitr is said to have been first celebrated by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, according to Muslim tradition.

9th April 2024

For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a sacred month marked by fasting, prayer, introspection, and community. It is regarded as a period of spiritual advancement and purification and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

In the UK, people celebrate Ramadan by gathering for communal iftars, praying in houses and mosques, and increasing their Quranic reading. Large community Iftars are frequently hosted in community centers, especially for individuals who might be fasting alone. The UK observes Ramadan according to the lunar calendar, which means that the dates vary every year. Because of the UK’s geographic location, fasting durations can differ significantly; during the summer, when Ramadan falls during longer daylight hours, one can fast for up to eighteen hours.

Moon sightings are the official means of determining the start and end of Ramadan. These observations are then shared throughout the nation’s mosques and Islamic organizations.

9th April 2024

The mythical animal, commonly portrayed as a horse with a single spiral horn protruding from its forehead, is the subject of National Unicorn Day celebrations. It ignites children’s and adults’ imaginations, promotes a love of folklore and fantasy, and upholds the enduring value of myth and legend in the advancement of culture. Furthermore, the day represents more than just a fun celebration—it also represents the beauty of originality, the power of wonder, and the allure of believing in the impossibly possible.

There are several ways to celebrate National Unicorn Day in the United Kingdom. To commemorate the day, both families and individuals engage in various activities such as crafting, storytelling, attending unicorn-themed events, or simply bringing joy to the day by donning vibrant, rainbow-colored attire. Both kids and adults enjoy the magic, creativity, and fun that this day offers. Learning activities that use unicorns as a central theme to teach myth, folklore, or symbolism can be implemented in schools. Every year on April 9, we celebrate National Unicorn Day, a day filled with color, creativity, and remembrance of our common cultural heritage.

10th Apr 2024

Every year on April 10th, National Siblings Day is celebrated to honor the relationships between siblings. Though it started in the US, people all over the world now observe this unique day.

The ideal day to spend time with siblings or give them a call to express your appreciation is National Siblings Day.

Greeting cards given as surprise gifts are also very common, and many people enjoy treating their siblings to special meals.

11th Apr 2024

In addition to raising public awareness of the suffering of the many different species of animals waiting for a forever home in shelters and rescues across the world, National Pet Day was established to celebrate the joy that pets bring to our lives.

11th Apr 2024

Every year on April 11, we celebrate World Parkinson’s Day, which is closely associated with the medical history of the United Kingdom. Dr. James Parkinson, a British physician, was the one who first recognized the illness as “shaking palsy” in 1817.

The goal of World Parkinson’s Day is to increase public awareness of Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative condition that affects over 10 million people globally. The day highlights the critical need for additional study and comprehension in order to enhance the quality of life for those who are afflicted with the illness and, eventually, to discover a treatment. The event honors the support provided by medical professionals and caregivers, who are crucial to the disease’s management.

The European Parkinson’s Disease Association initiated World Parkinson’s Day in 1997, marking the beginning of its history. For people who live in the United Kingdom, this is a very important day. Parkinson’s UK estimates that approximately 145,000 individuals in the UK received a Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2018, and that figure is expected to increase by a fifth by 2025. Considering these numbers, World Parkinson’s Day holds great significance in the UK as it serves as a catalyst for public sentiment, policymakers, and the medical community to commit resources towards combating the disease.

12 April 2024

Grand National Ladies Day is an essential component of the Grand National Festival, which is held at Liverpool, England’s Aintree Racecourse. Attendees showcase their most exquisite and lavish outfits and hats at this annual celebration of fashion and culture. Women can use it as a chance to express their creativity, meet other like-minded people, and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of the horse racing festival.

Ladies Day began in 1961, the year that women were first permitted to attend and jockey on the event.

Attendees participate in a variety of events during the celebration, but the main attraction is the “Best Dressed” competition, which attracts participants from all over the UK to display their distinctive and fashionable attire in an attempt to take home the coveted title and amazing prizes. There’s plenty of food, drink, and music, all of which add to the joyous atmosphere. Ladies Day usually occurs in early April, on the second day of the Grand National Festival.

12 April 2024

The International Day of Human Space Flight is an occasion to promote increased funding for space exploration and to increase public awareness of the advantages of space activities worldwide. The focus is on educational initiatives, advances in science, and technology brought about by space travel.

This holiday was first observed on April 12, 1961, the day Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin successfully completed the first human space flight. This historic occasion cleared the way for upcoming space exploration and had a significant impact on everyone it touched, including the United Kingdom. In 2015, renowned British astronaut Tim Peake emulated Gagarin by conducting ground-breaking scientific research aboard the International Space Station. In addition, the British space industry has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, directly supporting 42,000 jobs and bringing in £14.8 billion a year.

In the UK, there are several ways to celebrate the International Day of Human Space Flight. Through workshops, exhibits, and lectures about space exploration and technology, science centers, planetariums, and educational institutions engage the general public. Every year on April 12, the UK celebrates International Day of Human Space, a chance to highlight its achievements and dedication to space science and technology while enthusing the next generation of space enthusiasts.

13th Apr 2024

National Scrabble Day is observed annually on April 13th. April 13th specifically was chosen in honor of Scrabble’s inventor, Alfred Mosher Butts.

14th April 2024

The purpose of the Laurence Olivier Awards Observance is to recognize exceptional accomplishments in British theater. These distinguished awards, which are regarded as some of the most important in the performing arts, honor extraordinary talent and superb productions in a variety of genres, such as plays, musicals, dance, opera, and affiliate productions.

The Laurence Olivier Awards were created in 1976 and named for the well-known British producer, director, and actor Sir Laurence Olivier. Rich in theatrical tradition, the awards are particularly significant for British talent and stagecraft, and they are highly regarded both in the UK and in the global performing arts community.

Viewers are treated to a star-studded awards ceremony during the Observance in the UK, which includes performances from nominated shows in addition to appearances and speeches by well-known guests and industry figures. The annual ceremony, which is hosted by The Society of London Theatre, usually happens in April. Theater lovers across the nation can take part in the observance since the event is frequently broadcast on television or streamed live online.

14th April 2024

The start of the Tamil calendar year is observed on Puthandu, the Tamil New Year. It is a time of rebirth, expansion, and prosperity. The celebrations center on religious and cultural customs, which include offering special prayers, indulging in traditional Tamil food, showcasing beautiful artwork known as “kolams,” and exchanging gifts. Tamil New Year is celebrated by people who speak Tamil all over the world, including the Tamil diaspora, and extends beyond the boundaries of Tamil-speaking regions.

Looking deeper into the past reveals that the Tamil calendar is based on a 60-year cycle that is closely aligned with astronomical events. This means that Puthandu has a similar significance to other New Year’s celebrations. Puthandu is intrinsically Tamil, but because so many Tamil immigrants have settled in the UK, its observance has become part of the country’s multicultural fabric. It serves as a living chronicle of the rich cultural legacy and customs of the Tamil community. Furthermore, it frequently coincides with other South Asian New Year’s festivities like Vaisakhi and Vishu, offering a glimpse of cultural diversity to the broader UK population.

The Tamil New Year in the UK has the added benefit of strengthening community ties. Local Tamil organizations and temples typically host special prayers, cultural events, and open feasts as part of the celebration. Due to the time difference and moon position, the dates may vary slightly, but generally speaking, it takes place in mid-April, allowing the UK Tamil community to stay connected to their heritage while also adding to the country’s rich cultural diversity.

15th April 2024

The goal of World Art Day is to promote global appreciation for creativity in all of its forms. In order to recognize and celebrate the priceless contribution that artists—both past and present—have made to the advancement of human culture and societies, a wide range of events are organized by artists, curators, galleries, enthusiasts, educators, and students.

The International Association of Art (IAA), a UNESCO partner, came up with the idea for World Art Day during the 2011 General Assembly in Guadalajara, Mexico. With its thriving contemporary art scene and rich artistic heritage, the United Kingdom has embraced this global event with enthusiasm. British art has always made a major contribution to the global art scene, from the timeless masterpieces of Turner and Constable to the contemporary murals by Banksy. World Art Day is observed on April 8, which promotes and allows for the appreciation of this legacy both domestically in the UK and internationally.

World Art Day is usually celebrated in the UK with a wide range of art-related activities. With the goal of involving communities and fostering creativity, these include panel discussions, special exhibitions, artist-led workshops, public art installations, and online activities. Schools all around the nation participate as well by encouraging students to experiment with different artistic mediums. Every year on April 15, the UK celebrates World Art Day with a range of events and activities that emphasize the importance and influence of art in the country.

17th Apr 2024

The purpose of Bat Appreciation Day is to celebrate and increase awareness of the essential role that these soaring mammals play in our ecosystem. Bats are amazing animals that have over 1,300 species worldwide. They play a major role in seed dispersal, pollination, and pest control.

Because bats are a protected species in the UK, it is essential to promote their welfare in order to preserve the delicate ecological balance.

The origins of the idea behind Bat Appreciation Day can be found in the United States, where it was first celebrated on April 1st, the day that bats emerge from their winter hibernation. This celebration draws attention to the issues that bats face, including disease, habitat loss, and unfavorable public perception. Bat Appreciation Day holds particular significance for the United Kingdom, as the nation is home to eighteen species of bats, which account for nearly 25% of all mammal species in Britain.

17th Apr 2024

The day the whole world honors the Japanese poetry form of haiku. A haiku is a poem consisting of 3 lines and a seven syllable structure. Events including poetry readings, a film festival and haiku gatherings around the world.

18th Apr 2024

International Day for Monuments and Sites, better known as World Heritage Day, promotes awareness about the diversity of the cultural heritage of humanity.

18th Apr 2024Zimbabwe Independence Day is celebrated on April 18th.

Zimbabwe Independence Day honors the nation’s April 18, 1980, declaration of independence from the United Kingdom, which came after a protracted fight for liberty and self-determination.

The path to independence for Zimbabwe was not a simple one. In the 1960s and 1970s, hostilities between white-minority-ruled Rhodesia and black nationalist movements intensified and resulted in armed conflict. As the colonial power, the United Kingdom was instrumental in mediating the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement, which established the foundation for Zimbabwe’s independence and majority-rule government transition.

Zimbabweans who live and work in the UK celebrate their independence day with community-led festivities, social events, and cultural events. In addition to offering educational programs on Zimbabwean history and culture, these events usually feature traditional music and dance performances. This allows the diaspora of Zimbabweans to stay in touch with their roots and celebrate their heritage with the larger UK community.

19th April 2024

Bicycle Day honors all the advantages and effects of riding a bicycle. The goal of the day has been to raise awareness of cycling as a healthy, sustainable, and economical form of transportation as well as a great way to get exercise.

The United Kingdom, a nation renowned for its cycling culture, proved to be a fertile ground for the concept of Bicycle Day. The celebration is relatively new, having begun in the 1990s, but the UK’s thriving cycling community has welcomed it.

Bicycle Day is observed with a range of events and activities in the United Kingdom. To promote cycling awareness, local organizations such as city councils and cycling clubs host advocacy events, workshops and demonstrations, and bike rides. Everyone has the chance to participate in cycling on this day, whether it be alone, in a group, or during charity rides. Schools may plan instructional events and bike rides to encourage youth to take up cycling.

19th April 2024

Every year on April 19, the anniversary of Disraeli’s passing, there is an observance of this day.

Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, was a British statesman and two-time prime minister. He is honored on Primrose Day. Disraeli, a significant figure in British politics during the 19th century, was crucial in forming national policy and increasing the Conservative Party’s clout among the working class. The primrose, considered to be Disraeli’s favorite flower, is the source of the name “Primrose Day” and serves as the symbol of this memorial day.

Primrose Day began in 1881, the year of Disraeli’s death on April 19. The custom of sending the statesman primroses on this day was started by Queen Victoria, who had great regard for the statesman.

Primrose Day is observed by people and organizations all over the United Kingdom to honor Prime Minister Disraeli’s life and legacy. Activities include wearing primroses, visiting monuments honoring him, and taking part in events that highlight his enduring influence. Primroses are customarily placed on Disraeli’s tombstone at Hughenden Church in Buckinghamshire, which serves as one of the focal points of the celebration.

20th April 2024

420 Day, commonly referred to as Weed Day, is connected to cannabis consumption and celebration.

The ‘day’ falls on April 20, in accordance with the global celebration and the name’s numerical value of 420.

While the exact origins of the term “420” are still up for debate, most agree that it started in the 1970s in California amongst a group of friends from high school. The number “420” became a widely used codeword among cannabis aficionados over time, and April 20th was declared an unofficial holiday. 420 Day is significant in the UK because it represents the growing movement for a more sophisticated interpretation and possible legalization of cannabis laws. Cannabis is still illegal in the UK, but in recent years, support for its medical use has grown, making it a contentious topic.

Because the drug is illegal in the UK, 420 Day is observed quietly there. Celebrations are usually low-key affairs, though they can also involve private parties or intimate get-togethers in people’s homes. Advocacy events do happen; in large cities like London, there are nonviolent protests and open demonstrations of support. It is crucial to remember that, despite ongoing advocacy and discussion, cannabis use is still prohibited in the UK and 420 Day is not formally observed.

20th April 2024

Every year on the third Saturday in April, Record Store Day is observed. A smaller version of “Black Friday” is held in November.

The purpose of Record Store Day is to celebrate the legacy of independent record stores. It also serves to emphasize the profound impact and outstanding contribution these stores have made to music throughout the years. This Observance offers a chance to recognize the special function and individuality of these establishments while highlighting their importance as vibrant centers of the music communities.

Record Store Day was first observed in the US in 2007, but its influence quickly spread to the UK and other countries. A mainstay of the UK’s independent music journalism, Ty Pendlebury conjectured that the observance’s explosive rise across the country was largely due to British music lovers’ veneration for the tactile experience of listening to music.

Record Store Day has become one of the most eagerly awaited events on the music calendar in the United Kingdom. Production companies organize the release of exclusive records that are only available for purchase on this day, and independent record shops across the nation host events. Every age group and taste in music comes together to celebrate British music by purchasing these limited edition releases, going to live shows, and taking part in other music-related events.

20th April 2024

Volunteer Recognition Day takes place on April 20 every year.

The purpose of Volunteer Recognition Day is to honor and recognize the contributions made by volunteers in a variety of fields who voluntarily give their time and energy to the betterment of others. The purpose of the celebration is to inspire more people to engage in volunteer work and to raise awareness of the important role that these people play in communities all over the world. This day’s main goal is to honor volunteerism and highlight the contributions that people make to the social, cultural, educational, and economic facets of society.

The idea of volunteering has a long history in the UK, even though the origins of Volunteer Recognition Day are unclear.

Organizations all across the nation hold celebrations and events on Volunteer Recognition Day to honor people who donate their time and effort to improving their communities. These can be award ceremonies, get-togethers to show gratitude, or just a general announcement of the amazing influence that volunteers have in their fields.

21st April 2024

In the United Kingdom, National Tea Day is celebrated on the 21st of April every year.

The United Kingdom honors the cultural and historical significance of tea on National Tea Day. Its goal is to unite novices, experts, and tea lovers to discover and discuss their shared passion for this beloved beverage.

National Tea Day was first formally introduced in the UK in 2016 with the intention of honoring the cultural legacy, history, and customs surrounding tea in the United Kingdom. The fact that thousands of people showed up for the day’s inaugural event demonstrated how popular tea is across the country. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top tea-drinking nations, with over 100 million cups consumed every day, demonstrating how important British tea traditions are to our everyday lives even today.

In the UK, National Tea Day is celebrated in a variety of ways that highlight the wide variety of tea varieties, flavors, and brewing techniques. The event includes tastings, seminars, special discounts at neighborhood tea shops, and traditional afternoon tea parties. Tea enthusiasts can also be connected through social media platforms, where they can share their favorite tea blends, brews, and newly discovered tea facts.

21st April 2024

On April 21, the world will come to a close with this observance, which highlights innovation and creativity as essential skills for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

World Creativity and Innovation Day highlights the vital role that fresh, imaginative ideas and cutting-edge methods play in promoting progress in a variety of fields.

In 2001, someone in Canada came up with the original idea for World Creativity and Innovation Day. Its appeal has grown over time to reach a global audience, and its scope resonates deeply with people in the UK, where innovation is a vital engine for economic growth and competitiveness. The United Kingdom stands out due to its robust and inventive culture, which is supported by an extensive record of scientific and technological advancements. As a result, the holiday has great significance in this context and inspires Britons to carry on the tradition of original ideas, cutting-edge inventions, and inventive designs.

The UK has celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day by hosting a range of events that promote innovation and creative thinking, including workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and online gatherings.

22nd Apr 2024

Worldwide event to raise awareness of the environmental issues which face the whole of planet Earth. The Earth Day organisation campaigns on environmental issues worldwide and promotes sustainability and reducing pollution.

22nd Apr to 30th Apr 2024

Passover, or Pesach is the major Jewish spring festival which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, lasting seven or eight days. It is also know as Chag HaMatzot, the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

22nd Apr to 30th Apr 2024

Passover, or Pesach is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar, commemorating the anniversary of the Exodus from Egyptian slavery.

23rd Apr 2024

Every year on April 23, English Language Day is observed on the same day as St. George’s Day, honoring England’s patron saint, and the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

The purpose of English Language Day is to recognize the economic, cultural, and historical contributions that the English language has made to society throughout the world.

The United Nations Department of Public Information instituted language days for each of its six official languages in 2010, which is how English Language Day got its start. Since English is the primary native language in the United Kingdom, the observance has particular meaning there. This day is particularly significant for fostering a more robust comprehension of English’s historical foundations, its influence on global literature, and its role in shaping contemporary linguistic patterns in the United Kingdom. It also aids in the spread of the various English dialects that are spoken in the various parts of the United Kingdom.

In the UK, there are many different ways to celebrate English Language Day, including literary fairs, educational seminars, and cultural events. The significant contributions of British English literature and dialects are included in special lessons that schools organize on the history and cultural influence of the English language. There are occasionally debates, quizzes, and oratory exercises to pique the interest of a larger audience.

23rd Apr 2024

23rd April was both Shakespeare’s birthday and date of his death. Celebrations are held in his home

23rd Apr 2024

The annual celebration of England’s patron saint is not a national holiday in England, however it is celebrated by flying the English flag and by taking part in traditional English activities such as morris dancing.

23rd Apr 2024

World Book Night brings people from all backgrounds together to inspire others to read more. Each year books are donated to to organisations across the UK that can reach people who don’t regularly read for pleasure or have access to books.

23rd Apr 2024

UNESCO designated day, and celebrated around the world as World Book Day apart from the UK who celebrate in March. Ironically, the date was chosen because it is Shakespeare’s birthday. It is is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading.

24th April 2024

The final full week of April is when Administrative Professionals’ Day is observed; Wednesday of that week is typically designated as the official celebration day.

On Administrative Professionals’ Day, administrative staff members’ important contributions to smooth corporate operations are recognized and honored.

The origins of the celebration can be traced to World War II, when the United States experienced a shortage of qualified administrative staff, prompting the establishment of National Secretaries Week. This custom has developed into what is now recognized worldwide as Administrative Professionals’ Day, and the UK is one of the countries that observes this important day.

In the UK, employers typically honor their administrative staff on Administrative Professionals’ Day by giving them gifts, flowers, lunches, or just a sincere word of gratitude. It acts as a prompt of the crucial part they play in the continuous prosperity of their companies.

24th April 2024

Every year on April 24, there is an International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace. Respecting this holiday serves as a reminder of the UK’s global obligations and demonstrates its commitment to the ideals of nonviolent diplomacy.

There are several ways that people in the UK observe the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace. Forums and discussions on the value of successful multilateralism and the necessity of nonviolent diplomacy fall under this category. In addition, seminars, educational events, and discussion panels are held to emphasize the value of multilateral diplomacy in addressing common global concerns. Schools, colleges, and organizations hold events that promote deliberative dialogue about the advantages and disadvantages of multilateralism.

25th Apr 2024

On Anzac Day, people pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), who fought and lost their lives in peacekeeping missions, wars, and conflicts. This day commemorates the disastrous landing of ANZAC forces in Gallipoli in 1915, which took place during World War I. Commemorative activities on the day typically include marches, wreath-laying ceremonies, dawn services, and somber get-togethers to honor the service members’ and women’s sacrifices.

Anzac Day is mostly associated with Australia and New Zealand, but because British forces played a major role in the Gallipoli campaign, the day holds special significance for the United Kingdom.

In order to symbolize the continued relationship between the two nations and their shared military heritage, Anzac Day is also observed in the UK. An annual dawn service at the Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner is held on April 25th, or the nearest Sunday to that date. This is followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at the New Zealand War Memorial.

25th Apr 2024

Awareness day to highlight the dangers that penguin’s habitats face, as well as the number of penguin species which are endangered.

25th Apr 2024

Every year on April 25, International Delegate’s Day highlights the vital role diplomacy plays in preserving world peace and development.

The purpose of International Delegate’s Day is to recognize the vital role that delegates play in global diplomacy.

Despite being a 2019 addition to the United Nations calendar of events, International Delegate’s Day is very important to the United Kingdom and its people. The UK has a long history of taking part in international fora, with delegates contributing significantly to important international agreements and negotiations.

International Delegates Day is observed in the UK through a variety of events. It is common to organize talks and seminars that showcase the delegates’ work. There are also recognition ceremonies held in recognition of the work done by national delegates, especially in important international organizations such as the UN, NATO, and EU. Furthermore, initiatives are underway to inform the broader public via publications or special broadcasts about the function and importance of delegates.

25th Apr 2024

World Malaria Day occurs each year on 25th of April.

On World Malaria Day, efforts to prevent and eradicate the tropical infectious disease malaria are encouraged. The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed this event, which emphasizes the need for ongoing funding and persistent political commitment for the prevention and control of malaria.

In an effort to raise awareness of the illness worldwide, the World Health Assembly, the organization that makes decisions for the WHO, instituted this event during its 60th session in 2007. Since the UK is not a malaria-endemic nation, the significance of World Malaria Day in the UK resides not in the number of cases but rather in the significant global role that the UK plays in funding and conducting malaria research.

Many UK cities observe World Malaria Day in different ways. Organizations such as NGOs, charities, educational institutions, and multinational corporations frequently plan awareness campaigns, educational programs, and fundraising events. These initiatives highlight the obstacles still present as well as the advancements made in the prevention and treatment of malaria. Additionally, they highlight the UK’s role in the global effort to eradicate malaria and encourage public and private support for ongoing efforts.

In order to bring attention to and increase awareness of these endangered marine birds, their natural habitats, and the environmental threats they face, World Penguin Day was established. A global coalition of biologists, environmentalists, and animal lovers comes together on this day to advance awareness-raising campaigns, educational programmes, and conservation efforts. Threats like pollution, overfishing, and climate change are discussed critically because they have a significant impact on penguin populations all over the world.

25th Apr 2024

Every year on April 25, World Penguin Day serves as a reminder to British citizens of the value of safeguarding and conserving these amazing animals for coming generations.

The British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is home to one of the most diverse penguin colonies outside of the South Atlantic, so even though World Penguin Day is a relatively new celebration, it has great significance for British citizens. Several British research groups and scientists have made significant contributions to the conservation and study of these birds.

In the UK, people and organizations that promote animal welfare and environmental awareness mark World Penguin Day in a variety of ways, such as through fundraising events, online campaigns, and educational initiatives. Well-known British aquariums and zoos, like the Edinburgh and London Zoos, participate in these initiatives by frequently offering educational resources and hosting activities like feeding sessions for penguins.

26th April 2024

Every year on April 26, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day is observed to commemorate the anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl accident that took place on this date.

The purpose of the International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day is to honor the tragedy of one of the worst nuclear accidents in history—the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Its fundamental goal is to honor the impacted and the deceased while bringing attention to the long-term effects of nuclear accidents.

The Chernobyl disaster changed the perspective of nuclear energy in the United Kingdom and had immediate effects on its citizens. Nuclear fallout from the 1986 accident found its way to the UK, where it deposited radioactive material mostly in upland regions of Wales, Scotland, and Northern England.

In the United Kingdom, public speeches, commitments to safe nuclear practices, and contemplations on the disaster’s effects are typically used to mark International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day. It’s a time to honor not just the disaster’s immediate victims but also those who suffered from its aftermath. On this day, conversations or debates about nuclear safety are occasionally held at schools, colleges, and universities.

26th April 2024

Every year on April 26th, people celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. People and organizations from all around the UK come together with their global counterparts to consider the critical role that intellectual property rights will play in influencing innovation and creativity in the future.

The goal of World Intellectual Property Day is to increase public awareness of the benefits that intellectual property rights—which include copyrights, patents, trademarks, and design rights—have for fostering creativity and innovation. Increased awareness, reverence, and defense of intellectual property are made possible by this day.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) member states declared April 26th to be a day to highlight the value of intellectual property rights in 2000, marking the beginning of World Intellectual Property Day.

To raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property, a variety of events are held in the UK on World Intellectual Property Day, such as seminars, roundtable discussions, exhibitions, and creative competitions. The UK Intellectual Property Office is crucial in launching these projects, encouraging discussion, and educating the public, along with other stakeholders.

Every year on April 26, the United Kingdom observes Lesbian Visibility Day—a day to celebrate diversity and work toward true equality.

Lesbian Visibility Day honors and recognizes lesbian women for their vital leadership in the movement for gender parity. The purpose of this observance is to draw attention to damaging stereotypes, dispel stigmas, and lessen the marginalization and discrimination that lesbian women frequently face.

Its first acknowledgment occurred mostly in the United States in the 1980s, when this day began to be recognized. However, people everywhere, including those in the UK, can relate to its relevance and the issues it highlights. The necessity of such a day endures despite advancements in the UK’s acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ+ rights.

In the UK, there are a number of ways to commemorate Lesbian Visibility Day, such as media campaigns, nonviolent demonstrations, neighborhood gatherings, and educational seminars. These seek to recognize and celebrate the diversity and strength within the lesbian community in the UK, as well as to promote understanding, inclusion, and dialogue. As part of the national recognition on this day, the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag has also been flown by the Royal Navy.

27th April 2024

The date of Queensday/Koningsdag, April 27th, remains the same worldwide.

Koningsdag, also known as Queensday, honors King Willem-Alexander’s birth. The occasion is very important because it emphasizes the Dutch people’s unity and shared cultural heritage. The observance usually consists of outdoor celebrations, flea markets, and orange clothing, which represents the House of Oranje-Nassau, the Dutch Royal Family.

The holiday, originally known as “Princess Day,” was observed in 1885 to commemorate the birth of Princess Wilhelmina, who went on to become queen. Beatrix and Juliana, the next queens, carried on the tradition. Renamed ‘Koningsdag’ after King Willem-Alexander took the throne in 2013, the celebration underwent a corrective change. Dutch and British monarchs have long had close relations, especially since both have constitutional monarchy systems that uphold the royal family’s symbolic status as a uniting force in society. Additionally, both countries continue to be important trading partners, supporting one another’s economies through forward-thinking alliances.

Even though Queensday/Koningsdag is not a recognized holiday in the UK, the large Dutch population living there does celebrate the occasion. Observing customs like getting together, dressing in orange, or going to events at Dutch social clubs, bars, or restaurants are typical ways to mark the occasion. It is a chance for people in the UK to become more aware of the rich history that unites the two countries and to learn about Dutch culture.

27th April 2024

The celebrations take place around April each year, commemorating Richard Trevithick’s birthday on April 13th in a fitting tribute to this exceptional British inventor.

Trevithick Day is held in honour of Richard Trevithick, a British engineer and inventor who made significant contributions to the development of steam engines and railways during the early 19th century.

Richard Trevithick was born in 1771 in Cornwall and became a pioneer of the steam age, inventing the first high-pressure steam engine and the first working railway steam locomotive. His innovations were vital to the progression of the industrialisation of Britain and influenced the development of modern society. UK residents can take pride in Trevithick’s accomplishments, as his work significantly increased efficiency in transportation and industry, paving the way for Britain’s leading role in the global economy. By participating in Trevithick Day, people in the United Kingdom can gain an understanding of the nation’s rich history and celebrate their shared cultural heritage.

Held in different locations across the country, Trevithick Day is typically marked by a vibrant atmosphere of parades, live entertainment, exhibitions, and educational events. Enthusiasts showcase restored models of Trevithick’s steam engines, bringing the past to life and delivering an exciting interactive experience for young and old.

28th April 2024

Each year, the Observance takes place on 28 April.

Ed Balls Day started out as a hilarious social media occurrence. Now the whole day has taken on a lighter, more playful celebratory vibe.

The origins of Ed Balls Day can be traced back to April 28, 2011, when the politician for the British Labour Party, Ed Balls, unintentionally tweeted his own name while trying to find a news article that mentioned him. After going viral, the tweet became a meme, which in turn sparked the creation of an annual celebration.

In the UK, social media and the internet are the main venues for Ed Balls Day celebrations. In observance of the occasion, people usually make funny memes related to Ed Balls, retweet the original tweet, and post clever messages—much to the amusement of others. Some people also take advantage of the event to raise money for charitable causes, converting the lighthearted enjoyment into a chance for social good.

28th April 2024

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed on annually on 28th of Apri.

The goal of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work is to raise awareness of the need to prevent illnesses, accidents, and deaths related to work-related activities.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work was established in 2003 to raise awareness of the substantial financial and human costs associated with subpar occupational safety and health procedures. A sizable fraction of workplace illnesses and accidents in the UK are avoidable. Indeed, according to data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 111 workers lost their lives as a result of work-related injuries between 2019 and 2020, and 1.6 million people experienced illnesses related to their jobs. This highlights the necessity of alertness, strict safety protocols, and strong health systems in the workplace.

The UK observes World Day for Safety and Health at Work by holding a number of events and campaigns aimed at the public, employers, and employees. Aiming to raise awareness of the significance of health and safety at work, events include conferences, workshops, campaign launches, and public debates.

29th Apr 2024

A celebration day for those who can see the value and importance of the art form “dance”, and acts as a wake-up-call for governments, politicians and institutions which have not yet recognised its value.

30th Apr 2024

International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact.


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