Four Best Times to Eat Fruit for Effective Weight Loss

Four Best Times to Eat Fruit for Effective Weight Loss

1. At 9 am

When is it better to eat fruit? Our body’s metabolism begins when we wake up. Nutritionists recommend eating fruit first thing in the morning to reap the most benefits. “Eat fruit every morning after drinking a glass of water, eating fruit on an empty stomach will play a decisive role in detoxifying the body, helping to provide you with a large amount of energy to promote weight loss and use for other daily activities,” said Dr. Zamurrud Patel, Consultant Nutritionist at Mumbai Global Hospital.

Fruit should be eaten as a snack first thing in the morning, between breakfast, and around lunch and dinner.”Consuming fruit in the morning stimulates this process while also delivering fiber and minerals. This is when the metabolic process begins, allowing us to effectively use the energy from fruit.

2. At 11 am

According to research, eating fruit approximately an hour before meals can help you lose weight and improve your digestion. Fruit fiber increases satiety, reduces the amount of food ingested at main meals, and improves the ability to absorb nutrients from other foods.

After a busy morning, you should enjoy your favorite fruit. Fruit will be easily digested and converted into necessary nutrients, ready to charge you with positive energy. After eating fruit, should wait about 1-2 hours; let the stomach just digest before eating the main meal; Avoid flatulence and bloating.

3. At 4 pm

Fruit is an excellent afternoon snack. Fruits, rather than sweets and cakes, supply natural sugar and energy to the body. This is also the moment when the body need a specific level of energy to maintain activity.

During this time, you should eat fruits that are high in fiber and contain natural sugars; such as bananas, grapes, mangoes, citrus, pineapples, pears, pomegranates, etc. These fruits are eaten before and after exercise; It will provide the body with the necessary electrolytes and energy.

4. At 3 hours before bedtime

Although it is not recommended to eat fruit in the evening, if you are hungry, picking fruits that are low in sugar and high in fiber, such as kiwi, can help stabilize blood sugar and enhance sleep quality. 3 hours before bedtime is adequate time for the body to digest without interfering with the weight loss process.

Also, “Bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients, and one important element contributing to their sleep-inducing magic is the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood and promotes relaxation,” says the expert. Moreover, serotonin is converted into melatonin, the hormone accountable for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. By eating bananas, you give your body the necessary building blocks to produce these sleep-promoting chemicals, helping you drift into a peaceful slumber.

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