How Many Teachers Are There In The US Today?

How Many Teachers Are There In The US Today?

Teachers are an essential part of American society, but the job is not without its challenges. Many people are concerned about a teacher shortage by 2023, among other issues related to the profession. Read on to learn important statistics on teachers in the US.

The United States has a total of 4,007,908 teachers. All K-12 public and private schools, as well as adult education and career/technical schools, are included. Teachers make up approximately 2.5% of the working population.

There are 2,006,810 elementary school teachers, accounting for more than half of all teachers. Elementary schools are typically defined as kindergarten through fifth grade, though some schools include sixth grade and some go all the way to eighth grade.

Middle schools (usually sixth through eighth grade) employ 545,325 teachers, while junior high schools (seventh, eighth, and sometimes ninth grade) employ an additional 96,160. They account for approximately 16% of all teachers.

About a quarter of teachers work in high schools (24.7%), totaling 992,386. U.S. high schools usually serve grades nine through twelve.


No. of teachers


K-12 combined schools



Elementary school



Middle school and junior high



High school









-There are 75,000 non-traditional teachers working in schools and institutions across the country.

-Special education teachers serve 39,311 students with learning, mental, emotional, or physical disabilities.

-There are approximately 30,000 career and technical education teachers in the United States who teach vocational subjects such as auto repair, cosmetology, and culinary arts.

-There are also nearly 5,000 adult education teachers who teach English as a second language or prepare adults for the GED (a high school diploma equivalent).


No. of teachers

Special education


Career/ Tech Ed


Adult Education


Teachers in New York have the highest average salaries of any state, and teachers in Mississippi have the lowest average salaries.

Of these, 1,141,000 were public school teachers

The same year, 145,000 of these teachers were private school teachers

By 1995, there were 2,974,000 teachers – 2,598,000 public school teachers and 376,000 private school teachers

Teachers have a long-lasting impact on their students, for better or worse. Fortunately, many students report positive effects from their teachers, as our research shows:

Over the course of their career, the average teacher will have an impact on over 3,000 students.

83% of students say their teacher helped them gain confidence and self-esteem.

87% of people wish they had expressed their gratitude to their teachers.

88% of people believe their teachers had a significant positive impact on their lives.

79% of students say a teacher encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

54% of students say they’ve had a teacher who helped them through a difficult time.

75% of students say they see teachers as mentors and role models.

Teachers have a large influence on students.A single teacher is estimated to have an impact on an average of 3,000 students over the course of their career, whether through having them in their classroom or through some other form of interaction with them. This article has provided you with information about the number of teachers in the United States from various perspectives.

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