How To Contact Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number – The Simpliest Ways

How To Contact Someone Who Blocked Your Phone Number – The Simpliest Ways

While the call-blocking feature on iPhones and Android phones is fantastic for blocking telemarketers and annoying callers, it can also be used to block individuals with whom we have a strained relationship in addition to blocking spam callers.

Consequently, the purpose of this article is to assist those who have been unjustly blocked (such as someone you owe money to, etc.) and those who have an immediate need to contact a person for personal or professional reasons.

• Your phone calls go unanswered.

What might be the cause of this? Your calls may go unanswered for a variety of reasons, such as being blocked.

• Following one ring, you hear a voicemail. If you were blocked, you would not hear the standard ring pattern. There will be only one ring before the call is disconnected and a voicemail message informing you that the line is busy is played.

• You will not hear a single ring before receiving an automated response. If you repeatedly receive the message “The subscriber is unavailable,” the recipient may have blocked your phone number.

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The method we describe involves hiding your caller ID, a simple feature that is accessible to everyone. This in and of itself is entirely legal. However, it is possible that using this method to contact someone after they have made it clear they do not wish to be contacted will land you in legal hot water; it could be considered harassment. This is before we even consider the ethical implications.

Simply put, we don’t endorse the use of this method in any but the most extreme of emergencies. Please respect people’s privacy and realize that if you continue to call someone after they’ve made it clear they don’t want to hear from you and have even blocked your number, a restraining order is imminent. Macworld is not liable for the legal consequences of harassing conduct.

Caller ID is utilized by both Android and iOS blocking functions. You can hide your caller ID using this service’s feature. Therefore, when you call someone, No Caller ID will be displayed instead of your number. With this feature, your privacy is protected.

iPhone Number Hiding:

1) Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2) Navigate to the Phone area.

3) Scroll down and select Display My Caller ID.

4) Click the toggle to disable caller ID display.

Cover Android Caller ID:

1) Launch the Phone application on your Android device.

2) Tap the option icon followed by the Settings icon.

3) Navigate to the Additional section of the affected SIM.

4) Locate the Caller ID and tap on it.

5) Disable Show my number for outgoing calls.

After deactivating the caller ID, call the person who blocked you to determine if your identity has been successfully concealed.

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Several apps in the Google Play Store, such as “Textme” and “Phoner,” allow you to generate a random phone number and call anyone using that number. Using this random number, you may call anyone you wish who is not even using the app in question. In addition, not even the recipient could locate your number. In this trick, the area code would also be generated at random, leaving the receiver clueless.

The *67 code will disguise your phone number as a private or unidentified number to the recipient. Before dialing the number you intend to call, dial *67, followed by the recipient’s number. To illustrate: *67-123456789.

Note: *67 is the secret code only for the United States. If you are from the United Kingdom, you need to use *141 whereas people from Australia or New Zealand should use the *1831 secret code.

The recipient will see you as an unknown number if you dial *67 before dialing the number.

If you are still unsure of how to contact a person who has blocked you, try sending a voicemail. There is a chance that voicemail will remain accessible for the banned number.

People can enforce restrictions to avoid talking to you, but you can still convey your message with access to voicemail. When they receive your note, they have no option except to listen.

A good friend will always aid you in times of need. The failure to dial a phone number could be one of these situations. You may borrow your friend’s phone to contact a blocked individual. Although this solution is not always available, it can be effective in certain circumstances.

Cellular networks are being replaced by social media applications as the primary means of communication. People prefer to communicate via apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime. You may attempt to communicate with a person who has blocked you on one of these apps.

In addition to voice calls, the majority of these platforms permit the transmission of texts, documents, voice notes, and multimedia. You can leave a message asking why your number has been blocked. If it was not intentional, they can undo the action upon being notified.

There is a possibility that the person you are attempting to call has not blocked you, but has instead enabled DND mode on their phone. DND mode prevents all incoming calls and prevents anyone from contacting the user.

There is no way to circumvent the DND barrier, and you cannot contact them while they are in DND mode. However, no one generally keeps the DND mode turned on throughout the day, so you can call them at a different time to see if they pick up your call.

If they have an iPhone, calling them twice or thrice quickly can get your call to pass through the DND barrier. If they answer your phone, you don’t have to worry that they blocked your number.

If at all nothing works and you really need to get to that person you can easily change your number or use someone’s phone.

Kindly note that this method is to be used in circumstances when you need to tell someone something and not intimidate or blackmail, apologies and peace making that’s acceptable.

The person you have banned will not receive your SMS, but you can still text them. Your texts won’t arrive as intended.

Paid Plan: Start at $10 to $30 per month

Free Trial: No

Google Voice does not let you down when contacting someone who blocked you. Beyond its basic features, the VOIP app offers advanced functionalities, including masking your identity. You can enable the Anonymous caller ID feature from the app settings. With multiple lines, choose which number to show on the other person’s phone.

Paid Plan: One-time payment of $25

Free Trial: 3-day trial

Anonymity is the core offering of Hushed, making it one of the best apps to call someone who blocked you. The Hushed app lets you make calls and send messages while hiding your identity with a fake number. It offers over 300 US, Canada, and the UK area codes.

These were some of the best ways to call someone who blocked your number. As much as this sounds good, we would request you use it in the right ways and not invade someone’s privacy or harass them. Also, all these methods are for emergencies, and you must not misuse them for your reasons.

How can I unblock myself from someone’s phone?

Unfortunately, until you have physical access to someone’s device, there is no way to unblock yourself.That’s correct. If you have physical access to someone’s phone who has blocked you, only you can unblock yourself from them; otherwise, you have no choice.

What happens if you dial *# 31?

For an Android device, the secret code to obfuscate your caller ID is *# 31. Many people are unaware that it is one of the few hidden keys on Android.Another hidden key was also covered in the previous paragraph. Examine the second approach if you want to find out more.

Can I text someone who blocked me on my iPhone?

No, you cannot text someone who may have blocked your iPhone. The message that appears when you try to message them reads, “User is unavailable.”

How to contact someone who blocked you everywhere?

One of the best ways to get in touch with someone if they have blocked you from all social media accounts and other places is through a landline phone.

This approach is one of the best for calling someone who may have blocked you, so I’ve already mentioned it.

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