How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Instagram With The Most Simple Steps

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Instagram With The Most Simple Steps

You might feel a variety of emotions when you learn that someone has blocked you on Instagram, such as confusion, disappointment, and even annoyance. But what happens if Instagram blocks you? Here are a few things to anticipate:

Invisibility of a profile

When you block someone on Instagram, their profile becomes inaccessible to you. When you search for their account, you will not be able to find it, and their posts and stories will no longer be visible to you. They appear to have vanished from your Instagram world.

Restrictions on Interaction

Blocking also limits your ability to communicate with the user. You will no longer be able to like, comment, or DM them. Even if you continue to message them, they will not receive them because your messages will not be delivered successfully. Any tags or mentions you make will go unnoticed by them as well. Simply put, your interactions will come to a halt.

Changes in Follower/Following

If you were previously following the user who blocked you, you will be unfollowed automatically. Similarly, if they were following you, they will no longer appear in your list of followers. It is a one-sided breakup in which the link is severed from their end.

There was no notification

When someone blocks you, Instagram does not notify you. You will not receive any notifications or alerts informing you that you have been blocked. As cruel as it may be, blocking is a silent action that leaves you to fend for yourself.

Visibility is limited.

You might be able to see someone’s comments or likes on other public accounts even if they have blocked you. However, you are unable to view their profile or engage with their content.

Friendships that are shared

If you have mutual friends with the user who blocked you, you may still be able to see their posts and stories through the accounts of your mutual friends. You will, however, be unable to interact with the user or view their profile.

It is crucial to keep in mind that blocking someone on Instagram is a personal decision made by the user, who also has the right to manage their privacy settings and contacts on the platform. Even though it is not always simple, it is best to respect their choice and make an effort to concentrate on the friendships that still exist.

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The Instagram restriction does not disable your entire account. Rather, it restricts some of the previous interactions you could have with this account. Because there are no obvious signs that you’ve been restricted, you should try interacting with this user from another Instagram account and compare.

In general, these may indicate that your actions were restricted:

Your comments do not appear under the user’s post, or they do not appear immediately after you leave them.

If the user restricts your actions, they must first approve your comments. Only then will they be visible to the public, or, if they do not approve, only to you.

You cannot see the user’s status (online or offline) or whether your message has been read in DM.

But here’s the thing: this can be hidden in private settings (Settings – Privacy -> Activity Status -> Show Activity Status -> Off), so it doesn’t always mean you were restricted. To be certain, you should use another Instagram account and check it from there.

Begin by searching the app for the account you believe has blocked you. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Search icon. Then enter the account’s name.

• If the account is private and you are unable to locate it, you have most likely been blocked.

• If the account is public and you can’t see their profile image, post count, follower count, or following count when you visit their page, and the photo grid area says “No Posts Yet,” you’ve been blocked.

This search can also be done in a browser. Enter the URL (replacing “username” with their Instagram handle, of course).

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The standard Instagram handle link is ‘’ Using any internet browser to look up the person’s profile will help you find the truth. Simply replace their account handle in the ‘username’ section and open this link in a browser. While doing so, make sure you’re not logged into Instagram web.

If the profile appears this time but not the last time you logged in, this person has blocked you. However, if there is still no trace of their whereabouts, they may have left the app forever!

Even if someone has blocked you, Instagram will not remove their old comments or tags from your handle. If you still can’t find them after searching, go back to any of your posts on which this person commented and tap on the profile icon. Instagram has blocked you if it redirects you to a blank page with the same ‘No Posts Yet’ pop-up. However, if this profile opens in full glory and says, ‘This Account Is Private,’ you have been removed from their list.

Instagram DMs function similarly. Even if they have blocked you, you can view your previous conversations with them. If you get the ‘No Posts Yet’ or ‘User Not Found’ message when you tap the profile icon in the chat, you’ve found your answer.

This does not necessarily imply that you are blocked. They may have also deactivated or deleted your account. Check their messages in any group chat you share with them to rule out this possibility. You’re completely blocked if they’re visible only here and nowhere else.

Maintain a close eye on your following and follower count. If both have dropped at the same time, this could be a red flag. It’s similar to a digital disappearance in which you’re no longer following the user and they’ve been removed from your list of followers. This could be a sign that you’ve been blocked, which will leave you scratching your head in confusion.

It’s time to put some magic to work. Enter the user’s username in a post or comment to see if a search result is displayed. If not, it’s a sign that you’ve been blocked.

Remember your likes and comments on the user’s posts? Poof. Do they suddenly vanish? You can check “Your activity” > “Interactions” to see if your likes have vanished or your comments have become uncheckable, which is another sign that you have been blocked.

Enlist the assistance of a trustworthy friend to play detective for you. Request that they look for the user’s account and see if it is visible to them. If your friend can find and view the user’s profile but you can’t, it’s a sign that you’ve been blocked.

With so many people relying on Instagram on a daily basis, the dreaded “block” can become a reality for many users. Here are some creative and unique tips for effective engagement to avoid this and ensure a smooth and enjoyable social media experience:

Create Captivating Content: Be a content creator who inspires your followers. Make visually stunning, unique, and engaging posts that speak to your target audience. Avoid generic or overused content that may be perceived as boring or uninteresting, and instead strive to stand out with your unique point of view and creativity.

Spread Positivity and Kindness: On Instagram, be a positive and kind beacon. Instead of engaging in negative interactions, spread goodwill and encouragement through your comments, messages, and interactions with others.

Demonstrate Genuine Interest: Developing meaningful relationships on Instagram necessitates genuine interest in others. Take the time to respond to other people’s posts, stories, and messages. Ask questions, offer compliments, and demonstrate genuine interest in and appreciation for the content and perspectives of others.

Collaborate with Others and Support Their Content: Collaborating with others and supporting their content can be a powerful way to build positive relationships on Instagram. Look for opportunities to collaborate with accounts that share your interests and values, and to support each other’s content with shoutouts, tags, and consistent engagement.

Be a Positive Digital Citizen: Being a responsible and respectful citizen in the digital world is essential, just as it is in the real world. Avoid all forms of online harassment, hate speech, and cyberbullying. Respect others and adhere to Instagram’s rules.

Communicate with Empathy and Understanding: Misunderstandings are common in the fast-paced world of social media. Communicate with empathy and understanding when disagreements or conflicts arise. Seek to understand others’ perspectives, be open to differing viewpoints, and avoid hostile or defensive behavior. Handling conflicts maturely and empathically can help to avoid situations that could lead to blocking.

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