How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery

How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery

Many car owners have had their car battery die. When the car is rolling in the middle of the road and it takes a long time to call for help, this problem becomes quite difficult. As a result, drivers must understand how to restart their vehicles when the battery dies.

When your car’s battery is dead, using a battery jump starter is by far the quickest and most effective way to start it. This component is similar to a backup charger with a jumper cable attached that allows it to be easily connected to the vehicle’s battery, assisting in providing enough power for the battery.

Before using the booster, users must first ensure that it is fully charged. Then, connect the positive battery jumper cable (which is usually equipped with a bright red or orange clip) to the positive terminal of the car’s battery. Connect the negative cable (usually with a black clip) to the negative battery cable as well. After ensuring that everything is secure, the driver should simply press the power button to activate the battery booster.

Your car will most likely make some noises to indicate that it is receiving power. Turn off the starter and remove it from the car once the engine has started.

Those who drive frequently should invest in a battery booster to be prepared in the event of an accident. This product costs between 2.5 million VND and 3 million VND in Vietnam, has a very small size, and does not take up any space in the car.

Another advantage is that once connected to the car battery, the battery booster can provide enough power to start the car. Furthermore, some types display the capacity on the car’s alternator, allowing us to quickly determine whether it is faulty or not.

Drivers who do not have a battery booster have another option for charging their car battery without calling a technician. That is, start the car by connecting the dead battery to a working battery from another vehicle. However, this method will necessitate the assistance of another car owner.

Whether it’s a relative or a complete stranger coming to help us, the battery in their car must be fully charged and in good working order. Furthermore, one of the two people must bring jumper cables to connect the two batteries.

If you have done all of the above, park the two vehicles as close together as possible and turn off the engines. Then, open the hood and connect the two batteries with a jumper cable.

Connect the positive (red or orange) cable to the positive terminal of the discharged battery first, then to the positive terminal of the active battery. Next, connect one end of the negative (black) cable to the negative terminal of the good battery, and the other end to the connection point on the stalled car. If you can’t find a connection point to securely latch the negative cable, connect the other end of the negative cable to the terminal. Poor battery sound.

After ensuring that all four clamps are securely connected, the car owner can start the car with a working battery and must wait about 15 minutes for the car’s alternator to fully charge the battery. If everything is done correctly, a car with a dead battery can be driven immediately, but if this is not successful, the car owner must seek the assistance of a technical expert to handle the situation safely.

It is important to note that before connecting the battery electrodes, we should clean and sanitize them. To avoid electric shock, it is also necessary to look for signs of oil or gasoline leakage. When “fishing” the battery, you must ensure that it is not swollen or leaking water.

Some experts have offered tips to prolong electric car’s battery life on a long road trip. Let’s check it out!

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