Love Fortune Telling for Girls Based on Birth Time by Eastern Horoscope/Feng Shui

Love Fortune Telling for Girls Based on Birth Time by Eastern Horoscope/Feng Shui

The easiest way to find the most suitable lover based on the date of birth of the 12 zodiac signs.

Adolescents in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Southeast Asian nations frequently visit fortune tellers to anticipate their forthcoming romantic relationships.

However, it is not necessary to personally consult a teacher; instead, you can rely on the forecasts and explanations provided below regarding love for girls. Utilizing horoscopes and Eastern feng shui principles, KnowInsiders developed these insights.

Initially, it is imperative to ascertain the exact time of day at which you were born. Seek immediate guidance from your grandparents or parents if you lack knowledge, as the time of birth can significantly influence a girl’s personality, destiny, and romantic relationships.

If a woman enters into a marriage with a virtuous spouse, her fortune will undergo a transformation. Should she fail to fulfill her destiny, she will experience lifelong remorse. Hence, undoubtedly, you will be enthused about the segment of love divination:

Every day-night cycle consisted of twelve double-hours, each having an astrological significance and corresponding with one of the twelve signs of the Eastern/Chinese zodiac.

The first of the twelve double hours, known as the Hour of the Rat, begins at midnight and ends at midnight. This double hour corresponds to the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The animals in the yearly sequence and the hourly sequence are identical in both cases. The Hour of the Pig falls during the double-hour of 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., making The Pig the last in the sequence.


Women’s birth hours can reveal a lot about their future romantic relationships. Girls born under the sign of the Rat are frequently gregarious, innately attractive, and have the power to draw the other sex. They are talkative, upbeat individuals with a positive outlook, and they are loved by many wherever they go.

This girl rarely gets into trouble because she is very sensitive, wise, and vigilant. The unique quality of girls born in the year of the Rat is that they are able to regulate their emotions, whether at work or in romantic relationships; they do not act rashly, impulsively, or carelessly.

It’s unfortunate that no one can predict every possibility when they fall in love. This girl appears happy and optimistic on the outside, but her inner turmoil is stirring, her sense of security is still missing, and she even exhibits a hint of pessimism.

With her friends, the girl born between 23:00 and 00:59 is well-liked because she is an excellent communicator. Since they have a strong desire to assist others, they receive a lot of support from others when they face challenges. But just wait—if someone betrays them, this girl will make up for all the hardships they have to go through.

Girls who were born in the year of the rat are usually frugal with their money and don’t often splurge on pointless items. It can be claimed that because of this, this person’s financial journey has been easy and they don’t frequently need help. One drawback, though, is that she frequently hoards items and frequently brings antiques home. She could easily turn the house into a museum if she doesn’t clean it meticulously.


Girls born during this time period tend to be quieter and more willful and determined than others. They can persevere in the face of adversity in order to achieve their objectives. The difference is that they are somewhat stubborn, conservative, do whatever they want, and rarely listen to other people’s opinions.

This girl frequently suppresses her emotions, hides her feelings deep within, and refuses to confide in others regardless of how much she provokes them. Because no one knows how they feel, girls born in the year of the Ox feel resentful.

This girl is devoted to her lover. When she loves someone, she devotes herself completely to that person. She never considers “being greedy for gold” and finds it difficult to abandon her lover.

Girls born in the year of the Ox, on the other hand, are naive, so they do not always understand love matters, react slowly, and are not always proactive. If the other person does not come forward, this girl is very likely to miss the person she loves. When that person gets married, she will wake up and realize it is too late.


This is a mysterious girl who piques everyone’s interest. She will never forget her once she meets her.

This girl, who was born between 3:00 and 4:59 a.m., is a go-getter. They are powerful women who are natural leaders. This gives her a strong sense of independence and self-reliance, but her ego is too large, and she is conceited and arrogant, which can lead to misunderstandings and negative impressions with people who are meeting her for the first time. contact.

Girls born in the year of the Tiger are modern women with self-control, which becomes their charm unintentionally. They don’t care about love or money when they’re young; they just want to be successful in their careers and make a name for themselves. However, because of good fortune, this girl’s fortune is quite good, and she has a lot of money.

Girls born in the year of the Tiger are flower girls in love affairs, with many boys pursuing them. However, because of their personality, they do not flirt but instead declare their love for someone right away, passionately and wholeheartedly. Men, on the other hand, find it difficult to endure for long periods of time because they are domineering and like to be in charge. If this is corrected and the relationship becomes more harmonious, love will last a long time.


A Cat-born girl is noble and has a superior temperament. Because of this girl’s charm and dexterity, the other person may mistake her for a weak and compromising person. In fact, they have strong opinions and an independence that few girls possess. They can only change when they want to, and no one can because their appearance and insides are completely different.

Girls born in the year of the Cat (or Rabbit in Chinese horoscope), on the other hand, do not always show their opponents their toughness. They are naturally cheerful and lively individuals who are also very kind, sympathetic, and understanding of others. They value their friends highly, so they always think carefully, try not to offend anyone, avoid gossip, and avoid appearing to know more than others.

The peachy features of girls born in the year of the Cat are subtle, like a faint scent. Their elegance is like an invisible charm, resulting in a natural charm for which many men “die.” because of this girl’s hidden charm.


Girls born at the Dragon hour are frequently compared to precious gems because they possess a flexible intelligence that not everyone possesses. This girl is intelligent and lively, as well as multi-talented. She can learn everything in a single sitting. People frequently admire her because she has so many blessings from God.

Girls born in the year of the Dragon, perhaps because they are praised so much, like to show off, crave glory, and want to always stand out from the crowd. They always consider themselves to be the cradle of the universe and enjoy taking part in other people’s work, frequently giving orders and expecting everyone to do what they want.

In love, she is like the wind, coming and going, suddenly disappearing and reappearing without revealing anything. Many people around her were speculating because she was unwilling to express her feelings clearly.

In reality, girls born at this time rarely truly love anyone; she prefers to play and satisfy her desire to be worshiped. But no one can laugh indefinitely. They enjoy playing with emotions, so sooner or later they will face bitter consequences, as the love they give will not be returned.


Girls born at the hour of the Snake are excellent socializers, according to the horoscope. They speak with grace and make friends with everyone. As an intelligent, sophisticated, and sociable individual, this girl rarely expresses anger toward anyone but always maintains a gentle demeanor, speaks gently, and understands when to say what and when to do what.

This girl is very confident in herself, and she knows how to make others feel at ease when speaking with her. As a result, the girl born in the year of the Snake has many friends, and many people are willing to give their lives for them.

Girls born between 9:00 a.m. and 10:59 a.m. have incredible observation skills, exceptional intuition, and exceptional judgment. Because of this, they have a quick mind even when they don’t want to move much. This person’s fortunes are always improving, in my opinion.

When it comes to love fortune telling, girls born at the hour of the Snake have many bad habits that need to be broken if they want to find love. This person is frequently suspicious, jealous, and has a strong desire to possess. Despite the fact that this is motivated by love, her autocratic autocracy gradually makes the other person feel suffocated and tired, with a desire to escape. She is not a loyal person and is frequently changeable, with new and old people, but even though she has a new person, she still considers the old person to be her personal property.


Everyone is drawn to the girl born at the Horse’s hour because of her enthusiastic and optimistic personality, her talent for speaking, and everyone who listens will be satisfied. They can improvise flexibly, are particularly talented in performing arts such as singing and acting, and enjoy flaunting their charms in public.

Although this girl is very loyal in love, she always puts herself first and expects her lover to serve and worship her like a queen. Looking at the fate of people born in the year of the Horse, this girl remains faithful but always appears seductive to the men around her, so others sometimes misinterpret her as a flirt or swing others. In fact, she is someone who always worships her family and would never want to ruin her happiness.


Girls born at the hour of the Goat have the artist’s heart. They do not value money, but they do value emotions. The artist’s soul appears weak but is actually extremely resilient, which is why girls born at this time have an advantage.

They love with all their hearts and hold firm to their personal beliefs. She will never change her mind, no matter what anyone says. They love with all of their hearts and will go to any length to protect their love and keep the fire of their family home burning.


Girls born at the Monkey’s hour are naturally lively and cheerful. A strong vitality emanates from their people, like sunlight, enticing everyone to approach.

In love, however, she is not as lively as she is in life. This girl is often shy, and no matter who she loves, she never expresses it directly. Girls born in the month of the Monkey have a challenging personality and will choose a more bumpy path in everything.

This girl thinks a lot, always worrying about the minor details of love for half a day. When others see this, they assume she is still a child with no opinions. In fact, this is her way of thinking and figuring out how to mature.


Girls born in the Year of the Rooster struggle to control their emotions. They are intelligent, but when they are angry, they are ready to unleash everything. They have little regard for other people’s feelings, speak the truth, use harsh words, and unintentionally hurt many people.

She does, however, have a plethora of suitors, according to love fortune telling. Girls born in the year of the Rooster place a high value on their appearance, have a keen sense of aesthetics, and know how to dress beautifully and elegantly while still catching the eye. This girl is also very good at creating a romantic atmosphere because that is what she strives for all of the time. However, if they do not want the person they love to feel suffocated, they must correct their possessiveness.


Girls born during this period are quiet and introverted. They always conceal their feelings of insecurity, but they unintentionally reveal them because they are constantly alert to everything around them. Everyone sees this girl as a cold person who is difficult to trust.

The girl born in the year of the Dog carries all of her joys, anger, and sorrows in her heart. Even though she loves the person she loves with all her heart, she keeps a cold face and does not show it on the outside.

They are terrified of being pursued too aggressively by others. Whoever wants to win this ice queen’s heart must know how to keep their distance, sometimes close and then far, so she gets used to his presence and intentionally makes her miss her in a subtle way.


Despite her slowness and lack of agility, the girl born during this time period is extremely intelligent and has learned a great deal. Girls born in the year of the Pig have a kind heart, always thinking well of others, and are often sympathetic and understanding with others. They are easily deceived by others, but this can only happen once. I was caught in the trap for the second time.

This girl has a business mind, is well-educated, and understands how to move forward and backward appropriately, so her career progresses well and her fortune is quite plentiful.

For a girl born in the year of the Pig, fortune telling is a must. She is a sentimental and sentimental person, but she is very good at hiding her emotions. Only when she is certain that the other person’s heart belongs to her will she reveal her true feelings. Always guard your heart, but when you open it to someone, that person will be the entire world of a girl born in the year of the Pig, because family always comes first in their hearts.

The love fortune telling provided above is specifically tailored for girls and draws upon various Eastern theories, including horoscope, physiognomy, feng shui, numerology, and more.

Discover intriguing and valuable insights on girls’ romantic destinies derived from astrological predictions based on their birth time.

Love fortune telling serves as a mere point of reference and contemplation, as love is influenced by numerous other crucial factors.

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