Numerology: Adding Date of Birth to Get Number 10, You Are Extremely Lucky

Numerology: Adding Date of Birth to Get Number 10, You Are Extremely Lucky

Numerology is a science that has existed since ancient times and is of increasing interest to many people. Numerology specializes in understanding the meaning of numbers and their impact on human life.

According to the Pythagorean school, the set of numbers in arithmetic does not have a dominant number equal to 1. The dominant numbers will start from 2 to 11.

Besides, there is a special case. If the number 4 is formed from the sum of 22, it is recorded as 22/4 to distinguish it from other 4 numbers.

To calculate your dominant number in numerology, people have two ways. The first way is to take the date of birth (according to the solar calendar). The second way is based on last name. Among them, the calculation based on date of birth is the most popular and simple.

With the calculation based on date of birth, first, people will do the calculation to add each number in the date of birth together. If the result is a 2-digit number, continue adding those 2 digits to get the result a number between 2 and 11.

For example: A person whose date of birth is November 13, 1998, the first calculation will be 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 33.

Continue to take 3 + 3 = 6. So the number of this person’s life path number is 6.

People with total birth dates of 10, 19, 28, 37, and 46 will have 10 as their dominant or life path number. According to numerology experts, this is a very special number.

In the number 10, the number 1 represents launch, beginning, and pioneering energy. In addition, number 1 represents strength, determination, personality, and inner strength. Meanwhile, the number 0 can represent “nothing” or make the previous bitter number round and perfect.

People whose dominant number is ten are frequently attractive and mysterious. They are decisive and adaptable. This person has a positive outlook on life and is always looking for the good in everything. They can easily adjust to new living and working environments.

This person possesses courage and strength, and is willing to face difficulties and challenges that not everyone can handle. For them, this is an opportunity to experiment with and discover their own hidden abilities.

People with the dominant number 10 are often steadfast and have a strong spirit. In critical situations, they are decisive, always devising plans that are appropriate for the situation. Once they’ve made a decision, it’s extremely difficult to persuade them otherwise.

People with the number 10 are quite adaptable and have good improvisational skills. Regardless of the circumstances, this individual is physically and mentally stable. This helps them advance to leadership positions.

They are confident, upbeat, and easy to get along with. This person isn’t afraid to stand in front of a large crowd.

Number ten people have a vivid imagination, ideal for an artist’s style.

Person number 10 has a straightforward and honest personality. They do not hesitate to assist those in need.

This person’s weakness is that when they are depressed, they stop caring about the people around them and become easily irritated, resulting in conflicts. They can be arrogant at times, so they ignore other people’s advice.

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