Physiognomy: Tongue Reveals Your Life Destiny And Personality

Physiognomy: Tongue Reveals Your Life Destiny And Personality

People with dark purple and black tongues are often greedy, lack respect for others, are lustful and promiscuous, and are destined to live in poverty and illness.

If the tongue is bright and pink, it indicates that this person has good fortune, a peaceful and happy life, and that they work with a purpose, seeking fame and profit. Check to see if you have these five physical characteristics that will make you wealthy overnight.

If there are black spots on the tongue, the individual has a false and vain personality.

A person with a tongue as red as cinnabar will experience a lifetime of glory and wealth that few can match. When the tip of the tongue is red as blood, the eunuch opens wide. If you have a black tongue, you will face many difficulties and hardships, but you will not be very fortunate.

If the tip of the tongue is as white as dust, life will be impoverished and in desperate need.

A large and long-tongued person lives a velvety life. They are cunning people who are constantly scheming for their own benefit. If the tip of the tongue is large but the mouth is small, this person lacks the ability to speak and frequently rambles without getting to the point.

People with large but thin tongues are talented speakers, speak sharply, are very persuasive, are rare orators in the world, and are well-suited for negotiations. Program leadership or diplomacy.

However, no one is perfect; the more talented someone is, the more flaws they possess. People with big but thin tongues enjoy gossiping, spreading rumors, destroying other people’s reputations, and inflicting deep wounds in other people’s souls; it appears that they consider it a blessing. Your joy.

Men who exhibit this trait are liars, whereas women gossip and cause trouble everywhere. No matter how good these people are at their jobs, it is difficult for them to succeed, and they can even accomplish things that others cannot.

If the tip of the tongue is round, that person works rationally, is honest and sincere, and as a result, his fortune improves, he has many close friends, is virtuous, and benefits greatly from relationships. individual.

People with short but long tongues are typically intelligent, clever, and have good improvisation skills. However, this person’s mind is quite heavy, always thinking too deeply, making plans, so even though they work decisively and dare to think and act, life is not as expected, because they do but have difficulty succeeding, and in the end, poor are still poor.

If the tongue is small but the tip is flat, it will be difficult to avoid having to work hard to earn money. The tip of the tongue, which is both small and sharp, indicates an insatiable greedy person who prefers to gain rather than spend.

If you look at someone’s face and notice that their tongue is small, the tip of the tongue is small, but the mouth is large, that person lacks heart, has a straightforward personality, and says whatever they think.

People with a small tongue but a large nose are destined to work hard, struggle to save money, have good health and longevity, but have few descendants. If someone is born with an abnormally small tongue or the tongue gradually shrinks over time, they must exercise caution to avoid exposing their wealth, ruining it, or losing their health.

If the tongue is long and pointed, this person enjoys arguing, is an excellent speaker, but has a bad temper. If a tongue is long enough to lick up to the nose, the person is wealthy and noble, and there is no need to be concerned about money.

However, if the tongue is thin and small, and normal in terms of the five senses, even a long tongue will make it difficult to gain glory. If we consider the appearance of the nose and eyes, and they all have flaws, no matter how long the tongue is, it does not give the impression of a wealthy person.

If the tip of the tongue is long and sharp, like a snake’s tongue, that person has a malicious mind; be cautious when interacting with them because they can harbor petty hatred and kill people without blinking an eye.

However, if the tip of the tongue is long and the lips are thick, remember to treat this person with respect, as they have extremely good fortune, wealth, and peace.

People with short tongues and rough tongue tips are often less intelligent or clever. If the tip of the tongue is small and short, this person has a rude personality, works quickly, and is thoughtless, making it difficult to avoid poverty in life.

If the tip of the tongue is short and thin, the person enjoys gossiping about other people’s gossip. If the tip of the tongue is short and square, it indicates a talented individual, but success comes late, and his luck gradually improves.

According to physiognomy, people with long tongues react slowly, but in return they are loyal and honest; whatever they do, they are certain of it, even if progress is slow but steady. This person never makes excuses, never deceives others, and is simply the best person.

However, if the tip of the tongue is too rough and long enough to lick the nose, this person will struggle to succeed in life. A thick and long tongue is a sign of good fortune, as wealth and fortune are inextricably linked.

If the tip of the tongue is long, thick, and square, it is a good omen, indicating that the person is enjoying all of the world’s glory and riches.

People with thin, long, and large tongues are excellent arguers, have the ability to improvise, are more intelligent than others, are talented, understand how to advance and retreat, and employ clever strategies.

That is why, if they pursue a military career, they will be brave and cunning generals, while if they pursue a commercial career, they will be successful businessmen. This person is also well-suited to being a leader because they have foresight, know how to socialize, and can steer the boat through storms to success.

People with thin, small tongues are frequently mean, petty, and cunning, and the majority of their lives are not as prosperous as they desire. Women with a thin and short tongue have a bad temper and are easily drawn into a tragic situation. They should understand how to change themselves in order to change their destiny.

People with sharp tongues are often extremely curious and eager to learn, but they also have vivid imaginations and frequently exaggerate when telling stories. With just a drop of water, they can create a vast ocean.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for individuals with this trait. If women understand how to use their talents, they are more likely to become good editors and broadcasters. However, they are also very impulsive and cannot keep secrets, so while they have many friends, they do not have many close friends, and it is difficult for them to advance in their careers.

If you come into contact with people who exhibit this trait, you should be cautious about what you say, because as soon as you turn away, secret stories about you may be broadcast to the entire world.

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