The Luckiest Foods for Lunar New Year

The Luckiest Foods for Lunar New Year

At the start of the year, a lot of families have a custom of selecting foods to enjoy that symbolize good fortune. They support homeowners in hoping for a more contented and peaceful new year and in having faith in all good things. The following foods are considered lucky in Eastern culture and are frequently served during the Lunar New Year feast.

Gac is a food that contains a lot of nutrients that are good for your health. They help to prevent a variety of diseases, including cataracts, fatigue, night blindness, and dry eyes. Furthermore, sticky rice is a dish that symbolizes luck and fortune. As a result, this is one dish that should not be missed during the Lunar New Year.

“Gac” is a fruit grown exclusively in Asia. It is also known as “baby jackfruit”, “sweet gourd”, or “Momordica cochinchinensis” (its scientific name). When ripe, the fruit turns dark orange, with the outside covered in small spines and the inside filled with clusters of intensely red fleshy pulp and seeds. It has long been used as both food and medicine in Vietnam.

If you read the nutrition information on packaging labels, you will fall in love with “gac” because it has the highest beta carotene concentration of any fruit or vegetable on the planet. “Gac” is also high in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other vitamins, making it a natural remedy for skin and vision problems.

The bright red color and fragrant flavor of “xoi gac” are derived from the red-coated “gac” seeds.

If you’re still looking for something to eat on your Lunar New Year menu for good luck, try this delicious, sweet, and fresh watermelon dish. The red color of the fruit represents luck, wealth, and brilliance. Meanwhile, the green skin color represents hope for a prosperous new year.

This is a well-known dish that appears at almost every Vietnamese Tet feast. The ancients believed that banh chung represented the union of heaven and earth. Enjoying this dish on the first day of the year will bring you more luck, blessings from noble people, and success as you desire.

Chicken should be on your list of what to eat for good luck during the Lunar New Year. A chicken feast symbolizes the hope for a peaceful, prosperous, and fulfilling new year. This is a particularly nutritious dish that would be ideal for enjoying on a sunny spring day.

Braised pork is a popular dish in Northern and Southern cultures, often appearing on the Lunar New Year tray. The dish has a bright, shiny appearance and a rich, aromatic flavor. Many people believe that eating this dish on the first day of the year will bring them good luck, peace, and happiness.

In Chinese, fish is pronounced “yu”, which is synonymous with “rich”, so they are often seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, many people consider this a lucky dish and enjoy it on the first days of the year.

For East Asians, red represents luck, prosperity, and fortune. As a result, melon seeds are a perennial favorite and can be found on every Tet jam tray. Inside the red shell, there is a golden seed, which represents good fortune. Thus, eating melon seeds at the start of the year will help you attract wealth and good fortune.

Papaya is a must-have for the Lunar New Year five-fruit tray. According to Vietnamese, the name of this fruit represents abundance and prosperity in all aspects of the new year. People eat papaya to celebrate a prosperous new spring.

Furthermore, papaya’s yellow and orange colors are prominent, both dispelling and bringing good luck.

Round shaped fruits are favored by many families on the Lunar New Year tray. Because they make each of us think of wholeness and completeness. That word evokes the belief of a prosperous and happy year. Some fruits you can refer to are oranges, guavas, grapefruits, apples,…

Cakes, when consumed in sufficient quantities, provide numerous benefits such as energy and nutrients. Furthermore, the characteristic sweetness reflects the taste of friendship and connection. Spending the New Year with your family over a cup of fragrant tea and sweet cookies will add to the festive and united atmosphere of Tet.

According to Asian culture, noodles are also known as longevity noodles, which mean health and peace. As a result, many families choose this dish to serve on the New Year’s tray in the hopes of a year of good health and longevity. When preparing this dish, make sure the noodles do not break.

As the name implies, eating bitter melon soup on the first day of the new year will bring you more luck and help you put aside sadness and worries. As a result, when this seemingly simple dish appears on the Lunar New Year tray, it conveys a profound meaning.

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