The World’s Smallest Prison in the World: Only 2 Cells

The World’s Smallest Prison in the World: Only 2 Cells

Designed to house just two inmates, the tiniest prison in the world has been in use since 1856. Sark Island, which lies in the Channel Islands between France and Great Britain, is where the prison is situated.

It is notable that Guernsey, under the sovereignty of the British monarch, owns Sark. Despite this, Guernsey is not a part of the UK, despite the UK’s strong influence there. They have a Norman culture and speak both French and English.

Sark is just 5.5 square kilometers in size. The island, though small in length, is home to about 600 people and has its own coat of arms and flag. Although its main purpose now is to attract tourists, the Sark prison has a fascinating past.

In 1856, the first prison was constructed. A maid who had stolen a handkerchief from a worker in the family she served was the first prisoner. Although she was incarcerated for three days, this hardly qualifies as a conviction. The girl was allowed to sit in the prison with the door open because she grew afraid of being by herself in the dimly lit cell. Family and friends paid her visits during the three days.

Andre Gardes, a physicist, is another well-known prisoner. Andre Gardes declared that he would become the “lord” of the island when he arrived there in 1990. He was taken into custody by the police that same day and held for a week. Nobody has been imprisoned officially since that time.

Currently, both locals and visitors who “have too much to drink” primarily use the prison as a place to stay overnight. The jail was open to visitors for a few hours after they were let to stay there, and then it was closed. Like many other buildings on the island, the prison still has its original shape.

Many residents now offer their time to care for the prison at no cost. Sark may have lost its prison vibe over time, but it has instead developed into a beloved location and local landmark.

Prison is the last place everyone ever wish to go in, and most prisons are notorious for its violence and brutality.

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