Top 10 Best Legal Sites To Watch Boxing Anywhere In The World (2023/24 Update)

Top 10 Best Legal Sites To Watch Boxing Anywhere In The World (2023/24 Update)

Boxing matches, like most sports, are frequently locked behind a paywall. Depending on where you live, there are also unofficial sites that allow you to watch boxing matches for free.

Be aware that, while free streaming sites are legal and permitted in some countries, they may be considered illegal in others. Some unofficial streaming sites embed videos from sporting stream servers.

This may be considered copyright infringement, so always check to see if watching a particular stream is legal and permitted in the country from which you’re streaming.

We strongly advise against illegally accessing copyrighted content.


BoxingStreams stands out among its competitors in terms of an easy-to-use user interface and a large collection of boxing events. This popular streaming site has a devoted following of boxing fans who vouch for its dependability and commitment to delivering high-quality content.

A seamless and enjoyable viewing experience is ensured by flawless streaming quality. The platform features a large library of boxing events from various leagues and championships, including classic bouts as well as the most recent matchups. Unlike many streaming sites that require registration or sign-up, BoxingStreams provides instant access to live and on-demand streams, making it a convenient option for fight fans.


As with any free streaming service, pop-up ads may appear from time to time during your viewing session, which can be a minor annoyance. While BoxingStreams has a large selection of boxing events, some features and options may be limited in comparison to premium streaming services.


Streameast is a website that is designed to appear completely clean and legitimate. There are no advertisements or banners. That makes for a very pleasant user experience. However, it is just as unofficial as the previous platforms.

Aside from boxing, available events include the UFC, F1, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA.

Registering for an account allows you to gain immediate access to the site’s content. However, we would advise you against taking that step. Streamest is the type of site many jurisdictions consider thoroughly illegal, so you probably don’t want your data to be associated with it.

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This popular free streaming platform has a large selection of live fights, past fights, and matchups. The website also broadcasts the most recent boxing news, as well as upcoming event schedules and previous match results.

Box.Live also has a championship and ranking section where you can sort and view the live ranking of boxers worldwide based on their weight class. The website also has a gossip section where viewers can talk about rumors about players and fights. To generate revenue, the platform relies on advertisements, so you will see a number of them while watching a boxing match. Fortunately, you can improve your online experience and stay safe by combining a VPN with an ad blocker.

Consider DAZN, ESPN+, Sky Sports Box Office, Showtime, and BT Sport Box Office for high-quality and official boxing streams. These websites provide dependable coverage of major boxing events. However, if you’re looking for free options, you can visit the sites listed above, but always use a VPN to ensure you’re streaming safely.


After USTVGO shut down in early 2023, people struggled to find a replacement. Despite the fact that they are extremely difficult to set up, most people turned to private IPTV providers.

Those looking for a browser-based solution chose DaddyLiveHD.

It is not the world’s best live television website. It contains more advertisements than USTVGO, and the streams occasionally buffer. People continued to come because of the extensive list of over 310 channels from the EU, the United States, and Latin America.

DaddyLiveHD also has a good selection of boxing-related channels, such as ESPN and Fox Sports. Not to mention, DaddyLive provides a comprehensive schedule of all upcoming events.

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One of the key pillars of Sportsurge’s success is its dedication to providing high-quality streaming, particularly for boxing matches. The platform recognizes that the adrenaline-pumping thrill of boxing is best experienced in crisp and clear high-definition, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that fans can immerse themselves in every punch, dodge, and knockout with exceptional visual clarity.


Buffstreams is a very user-friendly platform that offers useful sports categories for their streams. This is a site where you can watch live streams of PPV boxing matches and marquee main events. Users can also watch content ranging from basketball, soccer, and the NFL to MMA and rugby.

Users can browse streams based on their availability — which are currently available and which will be available soon. Not to mention, Buffstreams also has a special schedule for big events that are coming soon.

Buffstreams is lower on the list because it has some invasive ads, and it takes a while before being allowed to press play on a stream you opened. But the quality is there, so it’s still a platform many sports streamers flock to.


Stream2Watch emerges as a prominent and distinguished contender in the ever-evolving world of free streaming platforms for those seeking a diverse and all-encompassing sports content hub. With a reputation for comprehensive sports coverage, this site has become a favorite among sports fans looking for the ultimate streaming experience, with live boxing matches being a prominent highlight in its impressive lineup.


VIPLeague is a formidable contender in the sports streaming arena for those looking for a free boxing streaming site that offers unparalleled versatility and accessibility. VIPLeague, widely recognized and celebrated for its vast sports content, leaves no stone unturned in catering to the diverse sporting tastes of enthusiasts, including boxing fans.


Cricfree is an excellent solution for boxing fans who are also interested in other sports. This platform caters to a wide range of sporting tastes, making it a go-to destination for fans looking for comprehensive coverage of various events, including boxing. While the site is dedicated to boxing, it also recognizes the diverse interests of its audience by offering a wide range of other sports to keep fans entertained outside of the squared circle.


This website is dedicated to the prevention of sporting events. It broadcasts live boxing matches as well as past and future PPV events. It also has a fight calendar where you can view upcoming matches, standups, and timings on specific dates. The video quality is 720p, but there are aggressive advertisements at various intervals that can be annoying. Nonetheless, it is an excellent streaming website, and you can limit the number of ads by using a VPN.

Boxing is more than just a sport for many people; it is a passion. While premium services provide a more seamless experience, they are not for everyone. Thankfully, free streaming sites have enabled fans to keep up with their favorite matches without breaking the bank. However, when it comes to free streaming, it’s critical to tread carefully. Using a trustworthy VPN not only ensures a smooth streaming experience, but it also adds an important layer of security.

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