Top 10 Best Puppy Training Apps for Android And iOS

Top 10 Best Puppy Training Apps for Android And iOS

Puppy training is challenging, especially for novice pet owners. You must teach him numerous tricks, including leash walking, potty training, fundamental obedience, and bite inhibition. To make this process simpler, there are many puppy training apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They provide features like clickers, insights, tips, etc. and are very helpful.

Take a look at these 10 best puppy training apps for Android and iOS.

Having the appropriate treats and rewards for your dogs is one of the most well-known and frequent tools to help you with dog training. This can encourage them to stay motivated and serve as confirmation that they are moving in the right direction. Every time they carry out a good deed, they learn the value of doing so. High-quality treats that are made with dog training in mind can be bought; they are portable and easy to pack. The treats should be about the size of a berry in actuality. Given that some dogs might be picky eaters, you might need to get inventive with the treats or incentives you give them. Try rewarding them with playtime with their favorite toy after they complete a task or trick successfully.

A small bag where you can store them would be a great addition, especially on walks, keeping with the theme of treats. In order to keep your keys, phone, and clean-up bags separate so you can quickly access them when your dog does something good, you can purchase a washable, treat pouch that can have various departments with zippers. Alternately, make room in your handbag for everything you might need before leaving the house so you don’t forget anything.

Dogs can also be trained to behave correctly and positively by using clickers. There ought to be a wide variety available at your neighborhood pet stores, including small handheld models, ones that can be attached to leashes, and some that have wrist straps. Even clickers can be included in some leashes. You can also download a clicker app, though. Since clickers use various sounds depending on the breed of dog, they can be used on a group of dogs at once or on a single dog. One of the more modern and effective ways to teach the dog the behavior you want, whether it comes on cue or naturally, is with clickers. Being a trainer can be a full-time job, so look for opportunities to reinforce good behavior.

It is a smart idea to spend money on a long, high-quality dog harness and lead while you are training your dog on walks. A good length would be around six feet (1, 8288 meters), which would give you control while still allowing your dog some freedom. They shouldn’t stay close to you so that neither of you has room to move. Since leather leashes are flexible, comfortable to hold in your hand, and ought to be strong enough to withstand even the biggest and jumpiest dogs, they can be a wise choice. If your dog is still learning the commands “stop,” “stay,” “come back,” or their own name, a good leash can also prevent them from escaping and getting lost while you are taking them for a walk. But if you are, regrettably, searching for a lost dog, you can visit a website for lost pets to see if it is there or to ask others to keep an eye out if it isn’t yet there. Keep your long dog leash close to the door so you can grab it when you go outside to take your dog for a walk.

Depending on the size and breed of your dog, a high-quality collar or harness is something that goes with a leash. The most popular kind of collar is one with a straightforward flat buckle and some metal hardware. Comparing metal and plastic components, metal is stronger and less likely to break or pop open. A harness, however, might be a better option because it allows you to control your dog’s movements. Correction collars are best avoided because they are not at all necessary for training purposes.

A target stick can be used to teach your dog tricks like bowing or even spinning, as well as to keep them on target while they’re out for walks. A target stick is a long stick; if you have a spare in the house, it could even be a wooden spoon. To allow for carrying and storage, you can also purchase ones that have clickers or are foldable.

As there are books, there are as many ways to teach and train your dog. Look for one that would meet your needs, has clear instructions and the theory behind the technique so you can understand it and perhaps even slightly modify it to suit your dog.

Dog training can be an excellent and profitable investment for both you and your dog.

People who have a generally well-behaved and socialized dog who occasionally pulls on the leash and ruins their slippers may want to think about training their dog themselves. You’ll develop a stronger bond with your dog, and it will be less expensive and safer. You ought to be accustomed to your dog’s peculiarities by now. With people sharing their knowledge, information, and practical experience online, home training has not been any simpler. YouTube tutorials and mobile apps have been used to train dogs by many enthusiastic and self-assured people.

You will need to be very patient and adjust your schedule to accommodate training sessions at least twice a day. Dogs, like people, learn at various rates and succeed in learning tricks and tasks to varying degrees. Grab your phone and check the apps listed below if you need to train your dog for better retrieval, obedience, or to become a service dog.

Due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown, pet owners were unable to use in-home or on-site pet trainers. Due to this, interactive classes and training sessions have become increasingly popular in dog training apps like Puppr, GoDog, and many others. Some of these pet training apps even offer one-on-one sessions with top trainers to address puppy issues. They offer a wealth of information. Pet training apps have quickly gained popularity thanks to how convenient it is to train your dog wherever you are, whenever you like. But which pet training app should you pick out of the many that are offered on well-known mobile platforms?

Dog training can begin at any age and is a crucial component of dog ownership. Training boosts self-assurance, stimulates the mind, and deepens the bond between people and animals. Dogs never stop learning. Training can be started at any time.

Training is beneficial for dogs with anxious personalities or timid natures. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment and gives us a way to talk to our canine family members. Through encouraging attention, this deepens our relationship with our dogs. Additionally, they get to spend time with us, which is what most dogs desire in order to be near us.

An essential component of a dog’s overall wellbeing is mental stimulation. It is equally important to daily exercise. Exercise for our bored dogs can be provided by practicing fundamental training techniques indoors when it’s too cold or rainy to go outside. Additionally, mental stimulation is required to keep your dog occupied if they are unable to exercise as much due to an injury or after surgery.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective training strategy. This entails rewarding your dog for an action that was “right.” Reward options include scrumptious foods, a beloved toy, or praise. Punitive training techniques may make “bad” behavior worse or even encourage aggression. The best course of action is to consult a qualified trainer. He or she may suggest a particular course or one-on-one counseling. Positive reinforcement is a subject that trainers who have completed the Karen Pryor Academy are very knowledgeable about.

As soon as you bring your puppy home, it is advised that you begin socializing and training him or her. Some breeders advise waiting until the puppy has received all of its recommended vaccinations. But it’s too late now! Puppies should be socialized to every aspect of our world when they are between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks old. This entails getting to know new acquaintances, canines, felines, and places. You can start early training and socialization for your puppy by enrolling it in a “Puppy Socialization” class. Additionally, puppies go through an adolescent stage between the ages of 8 and 18 months, during which time socialization and training can be useful tools for keeping your dog friendly and content as they experience their “teenage years.”

Dogo is special because it’s an all-in-one app that needs you to set up a profile for your dog. You can then begin teaching him various tricks, games, manners, etc. after that. For each trick, the app includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions. It primarily utilizes the beginner-friendly clicker training technique. Using positive reinforcement techniques, you can teach your dog things that might not be possible without this app. It also gives you the option of rating how well your dog performed on each trick. So you can work with him until he responds with a 5-star rating.

The app additionally provides daily workouts. The app suggests various tricks based on your dog’s prowess during workouts. In order to ensure that your dog retains all of the training, it occasionally repeats old tricks. Although the majority of the tricks are initially free, some are locked and call for a premium membership to access. You can add more than one dog profile to your account and share the profile of your dog with family members if you have a premium membership. Additionally, Dogo Premium provides video exams for your dog and certificates that he can be proud of.

The Dogo App, which has a website at, offers customized training programs that let you pick the advanced skills and behaviors you want to teach your dog. The app includes a clicker, tests, an activity log, and the opportunity to earn a certificate. Both text and video are used to present the content. At the time of writing, access is available for 7 days without charge. After that, “Dogo Premium” subscription pricing begins. The app’s developers have called it a “gamified training” that some people might find interesting. You can play a ton of games with your dog while also interacting with other Dogo users on a close-knit social network. Personal feedback is provided to Dogo Premium accounts via video exams. A certified veterinarian with more than 7 years of experience in the field of pet care, who specializes in internal and behavioral medicine, is in charge of the project. The Dogo app might be the best option for your at-home training if you’re looking for individualized support via video.

For those who require individualized training sessions with qualified and vetted trainers, Goodpup is fantastic. Your dog can benefit from the behavioral and special skill training provided by these trainers. These training sessions are conducted in real-time, so you can train your dog while the trainer makes sure everything is going as planned.

The app offers basic training programs like crate training, behavioral training, and potty training. Finding a training plan, providing a quick assessment, and scheduling a training session are the only requirements for pet owners. The rest is handled by the trainers of Goodpup.

Their financial details are confidential. Payments made for personal training sessions and training packages support the app’s financial operations. provides the app, which aids in teaching better indoor manners, fundamental commands, techniques to prevent bad behavior, and instructs users on canine health. It has received compliments for its assistance, illustrated instruction manuals, brief daily meetings, and collaboration with the American Veterinary Medical Association. You must adhere to a schedule and receive daily text updates from a trainer as part of the app. The GoodPup app requires you to set up a credit or debit card in advance, and the weekly subscription is auto-renewing. Don’t forget to monitor your balance and charges to avoid receiving unexpected bills. They have generally positive reviews on Google Play and the Apple Store, but they might not be the best choice for those with a limited amount of free time.

The list of tricks in this straightforward puppy training app is divided into various categories. But what sets it apart is how many tricks are included in the app and how simple it is to use. First, the app welcomes you with a list of categories, including Agility, Performer, Circus, New Dog, and Basics. Following that, you can discover tips or subcategories for your selected category. The app offers a variety of tricks, from basic ones like “sit” to more complex ones like “turn off lights,” “close doors,” etc. When you open the trick page, the app offers comprehensive step-by-step instructions along with the necessary pictures to clarify the procedure.

Puppr has a built-in clicker and a tracker for monitoring the dog’s training development, just like Dogo. In order for dog owners to train their puppies like professional dog trainers, each chapter includes video instructions with simple to follow instructions. The app’s first tricks cover how to begin clicker training. Puppr Premium offers even more tips, professional assistance via live chat, and other benefits.

One of the top dog trick instructors in North America, Sara Carson, offers lessons through the Puppr dog training app. Potty training, “sit,” “fetch leash,” and other tricks are all included in the Puppr app. The app offers live chat support and free lectures. The cost of the support is covered by a “Puppr Premium” subscription, which renews itself every term. Remember that any unused portion of the term will not be subject to a refund. The app helps owners who are struggling with separation anxiety by allowing them to monitor the progress of multiple dogs at once. Puppr appears to be centered on Sara Carson’s expertise and how it can assist you in teaching your dog more entertaining tricks and better manners as well as good exercises. You can easily find the Android version and the iOS version by going to their official website,

Training a puppy can be difficult, but Doggy Time makes it simpler. The puppy training app Doggy Time allows you to monitor your dog’s daily routine and overall health. Create training schedules, set reminders, and keep track of puppy training activities. A daily activity tracker, puppy training aid, puppy potty log, dog walking app, and diary are all included in Doggy Time.

With the help of Doggy Time, you can share all of your dog’s vital information with other pet parents and your veterinarian. Share with your friends and family all the exciting developmental milestones of your puppy. Doggy Time takes care of everything so you never need to spend a lot of time away from the pleasures of owning a dog or a puppy.

The process of training your puppy never ends. You may be concerned about finding enough time to train your new puppy because juggling your job, spouse, children, and hobbies can take up a lot of your time. The simplest dog training advice is to always train your puppy. When training a puppy, consistency with a tool like Doggy Time is crucial.

• Login is not required

• Internet access is not required – work offline

Create reminders and alerts for daily, weekly and one time puppy training events.

Track Meals:

– drink

– eat

– treats

Track Outdoor Activities:

– dog walking and runs

– pees and poops for potty training

– playtime

– dog/puppy training

Track Dog Care:

– grooming

– cleaning

– medication

– vaccination

– weight

– height

– temperature

– medical conditions

Track Other activities:

– crate, house

– sleep time

When it comes to potty training, time is one of the most crucial factors. Additionally, you must feed, vaccinate, give medications, groom the dog on schedule, and so forth. Doggy Time is made to specifically fulfill these needs. To ensure that you don’t forget any of these tasks, you can set reminders.

It is always better to take your dog outside occasionally to relieve himself when it comes to puppy potty training. So, set reminders based on the age of your dog. While an adult dog can stay outside for up to 8 hours at a time, a puppy needs to be taken outside every few hours. The dog will be less likely to enter the house if you take it outside before the accident.

GoDog focuses more on obedience training while the majority of these apps are about tricks. In this app, the most basic commands include stopping jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc. Additionally, there are methods like remaining at home alone, turning everything off, etc. It almost gives the impression that you have access to a personal dog trainer.

In addition to training, GoDog is renowned for its health-related features. It assists you in keeping track of your dog’s grooming needs, such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and haircuts, as well as deworming, vaccination, tick control, medication, and bathing. Additionally, because these tasks are crucial for your health, you can set reminders for them.

GoDog is a fantastic app for teaching dog behavior. This app is fantastic for both new and experienced dog owners because it includes a walking tracker, a clicker, training exercises, and videos. It also has a pet health section with information on immunization reminders, prescribed medications, and upcoming vet visits. You can read a ton of dog articles on the app that cover topics like training and pet health.

In-app purchases are how the app makes money, and it keeps its financial information private.

Dogs are animated and sensitive creatures. To prevent them from acting out, becoming depressed, or losing their fitness, it is imperative to give them energy-releasing activities. By allowing them to exercise in the right amount, you can best look after their health and disposition.

Zak George, a popular YouTube dog trainer, helped create the Pupford app. The app teaches new puppy owners a variety of behaviors, skills, and commands. Free content. It prepares you for advanced training. Videos and text guide you and your puppy in the app. Pupford’s videos are well-reviewed. As of writing, the app lacks customization and the ability to track multiple dogs. Users also complain that videos don’t play smoothly and support is lacking. New puppy owners who want to start manners training will like this app. “Pupford: Dog & Puppy Training” is on Android and iOS.

Pupford sells dog treats, chew sticks, and food. They sell products and offer app-based training videos. This app works with world-class dog sneakers and has courses. You can slow-track any course. Courses range from 30 to 7 days.

Pupford offers paid courses on separation anxiety, snapping, leash pulling, crate training, recall behavior, and more. To help pet owners decide, the app offers a free course summary.

Pupford’s 30-day video course includes leash walking and other basic dog training! With an inbuilt tracker to track training progress, a large community for dog-related advice, and more, you can train your dog and get all your questions answered!

Pupford has private finances. In-app purchases and Pupford academy subscriptions fund the app.

Another straightforward app that only provides daily tasks is this one. Simply finish the 20-day course by starting on day one. Just the tasks for the day are discussed, not any tricks or behaviors that need to be practiced. But your dog will typically need to contribute to the task. The day’s work is finished once you have the information you require.

GIFs and memes are used in the explanation section, which distinguishes the app from competitors. Therefore, you should give this app serious consideration if you want to train your dog in a way that is enjoyable and will spare you a lot of hassle.

Learn tricks

Lots of tricks to learn like sit, down, come, etc. Every trick has easy to follow videos, which you can follow.


The app provides lots of dog training information about problems like barking, potty problems and more.

Day by day

All of the dog training information is organized into daily, bite-sized topics.

Easy Reading

Keeping focus is mady easy by using lots of pictures, videos and different styles of texts.


Every completed lesson rewards you a star. Not only does it help you keep track, but it also gives you a punny title!

GoDog focuses more on obedience training while the majority of these apps are about tricks. In this app, the most basic commands include stopping jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc. Additionally, there are methods like remaining at home alone, turning everything off, etc. It almost gives the impression that you have access to a personal dog trainer.

In addition to training, GoDog is renowned for its health-related features. It assists you in keeping track of your dog’s grooming needs, such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and haircuts, as well as deworming, vaccination, tick control, medication, and bathing. Additionally, because these tasks are crucial for your health, you can set reminders for them.

GoDog is a fantastic app for teaching dog behavior. This app is fantastic for both new and experienced dog owners because it includes a walking tracker, a clicker, training exercises, and videos. It also has a pet health section with information on immunization reminders, prescribed medications, and upcoming vet visits. You can read a ton of dog articles on the app that cover topics like training and pet health.

In-app purchases are how the app makes money, and it keeps its financial information private.

A highly regarded dog training app called Everydoggy can help you potty train, crate train, and prevent your dog from biting. Everydoggy, which is used by more than 300,000 dog parents worldwide, includes a dog whistle and a clicker that are very helpful during training sessions. The app aids in better dog training and includes step-by-step video tutorials.

Through in-app purchases and customized puppy training sessions, the app generates income. Their financial details are confidential.

What makes EveryDoggy Unique?

What will your dog learn with EveryDoggy?

To stop biting and chewing

Reliable recall and walking on a loose leash

Potty training

Essential commands such as Leave it,

Drop it, Come, Down and, many more

To stop barking excessively and jumping on people

Amazing tricks such as Reverse, Spin and Heel

Crate training

To cope with separation anxiety

A popular Android-only app is Pawsitive. The app has games for pets, a clicker, and healthy food recommendations for your four-legged friend. The app emphasizes positive reinforcement training and makes training your dog simple with pictures and detailed instructions. Pawsitive has enough information to give you a head start whether this is your first time training your dog yourself or you’re retraining your dog.

Ads and in-app purchases are the sources of income for the app. Their financial details are confidential.

Additional assistance needed for training dogs? You’re in the right spot. The dog training app Pawsitive is entertaining and helpful. Both new and seasoned dog owners will love it. Join the Pawsitive family today to get your dog trained! We sincerely hope you enjoy the app as much as we do.

A clicker, delectable treats, and plenty of praise are the only three things you need to train a dog. Of course, you must also download the Pawsitive app.

We are pleased to announce that everyone can access and completely free our content. Who, I presume, requires a personal dog trainer?

Pawsitive’s Features

-Positive Puppy & Dog Training

-Training Clicker

-Games for Dogs

-Food Guide for Dogs

-Helpful Articles

About Dog Training

Each command and trick is covered with step-by-step instructions and entertaining illustrations using positive training techniques. In doing so, we hope to increase the usefulness and accessibility of dog training for all people.

You can regularly teach your dog new commands and tricks thanks to Pawsitive. You can begin with simple tricks and progress to more complex ones later. You can also monitor your dog’s or puppy’s training development.

Concerning Training Clicker

A clicker, which emits a sound to indicate a behavior and helps to reinforce dog obedience, is a straightforward but effective tool that shortens training time. Your dog will only hear the clicker’s distinctive sound when it is being used for training.

If you don’t have a clicker for training dogs, don’t worry. You don’t need to download another clicker app for dogs because Pawsitive includes a built-in clicker. You can decide which sound your dog responds to the most.

food advice

Dogs cannot eat anything that we eat because they have a different digestive system than humans. So, we came up with a dog food guide. There are guidelines for what dogs should and shouldn’t eat and drink.

If you tap on any of them, a brief justification for why it is safe or unsafe for dogs will appear.

You can also look up a food or drink that you intend to give your dog or puppy.

Entrepreneurs who wish to move to the dog training app space must understand that they will need a truly groundbreaking app to move customers away from existing solutions. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that you create a unique app that your customers will love:

Understand your competition and work on the underserved needs of their customers.

A long list of features confuses people. Understand that they are trying to learn how to train a puppy. Add features that bring real value to the app and are not just a list of features that every app has.

Your take on the app might not go well with your users. Ensure that you create a simple, easy to use, intuitive interface that customers love.

Interact with your early adopters to know what they miss in the app and add it in an upcoming update. Remember, agility is the first step towards success in the app world.

The key to continued growth is constant innovation. Keep working on your app with learnings and data points gathered during the app creation and launch process. Make informed decisions to ensure that your users love what you create and keep asking for more.

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