Top 10 Free Sites To Download For Student PDF Textbooks

Top 10 Free Sites To Download For Student PDF Textbooks

The expansion of the internet has made more information available with just a click. This data includes books, articles, and journals. This implies that obtaining your preferred publication is now considerably simpler. In order to expand their readership, writers are also posting their writing on the internet.

While some of these books are available for free reading, others require payment in order to be accessed. There are now many options available to readers for accessing online textbooks in PDF format.

Check them below!

To begin with, a textbook is a book that gives students all the information they need to know about a particular subject or course of study.

Now that we have defined a textbook, a PDF textbook is one that contains texts, images, or both and is in digital format that can be used on computers or other electronic devices. However, you might need to download PDF reader software in order to open certain PDF books.

Finding the ideal website for your needs or downloading a free PDF book only becomes easier if you follow the correct procedures.

Since PDF books are heavily text-based documents, a PDF reader needs to have several features that enhance the reading experience. There are better options than the PDF format. Among the fundamental features are editing, navigation, annotation, bookmark addition, reading mode selection, and easy sharing.

Given this, it is recommended to use Android smartphone PDF viewers like Moon+Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, WPS Office, Google PDF Viewer, or Foxit MobilePDF.

Google Playbooks, PDF Max, etc. are best suited for iOS devices. Additionally, Adobe Reader, Nitro Reader, etc. are excellent options for Windows.

It’s important to keep your needs in mind when looking for free PDF novels.

There are websites with so much content that it’s actually faster to type the right combination of words. Books that are tailored to the interests of others are available for selection.

For instance, Free Kids Books has a selection of e-books exclusively for children, while Open Textbook Library primarily provides free textbooks for college students. Similarly, older literary works for which the United States copyright has expired are now accessible thanks to Project Gutenberg.

Regardless of how reputable or trustworthy a particular website is, you should always be extra cautious and protect your computer with reputable antivirus software. Sometimes a virus can infect a user device even if it does not enter through a website; it can do so through another medium or a compromised network.

It’s important to think about how each user will engage with the user interface of the website. Searching is made easier by simpler user interfaces, and sometimes a more user-friendly website design makes people feel more at ease.

Bookboon is among the greatest educational resources on the internet. For free online textbook downloads in a variety of academic subjects, there are numerous options that don’t sacrifice quality. Downloading textbooks on business and STEM subjects is very beneficial.

However, Bookboon’s other features are what truly set it apart as an incredible resource. The website provides a range of audio learning resources on business and professional development, such as seminars, e-books, and more.


ManyBooks is one of the best sites to find free books online in a variety of download formats. This site offers hundreds of free titles in a wide range of interesting genres. Since not all of the books on this website are classics, it’s a great alternative to the others on our list if you like reading other genres of literature.

Unlike some other websites, this one lets you search for free books by language. There are also searches by author and genre accessible. The ManyBooks Articles website offers a more practical way to browse their collection. It includes reviews and articles such as “Books Like Hatchet.”

A free account must be created in order to download books. You are then presented with a number of download choices, including FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, RTF, HTML, and more. The integrated book reader on the website allows for online reading of them as well.


The majority of academics who teach at colleges these days have faith in Project Gutenberg because it is the oldest digital library still in existence. Project Gutenberg offers over 60,000 free e-books, primarily classic literature texts with overdue copyrights. There is no longer a cost associated with using and distributing it.

There’s no need to register or download any obtrusive apps because you can download your texts straight from the website without any further steps. It’s an amazing resource if you’re looking for new (or old) reading material.


Rice University is the non-profit organization in charge of OpenStax. There is content for high school and college on this website. Textbooks covering a wide range of topics are available, including the humanities and mathematics.

The goal of OpenStax is to increase access to high-quality education, which sets it apart. This organization has produced high-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks with funding, saving college students millions of dollars.


Regretfully, a lot of websites offering free textbook downloads operate illegally. The Assayer succeeds in this challenge. You can read their works legally and ethically by using the largest online collection of books that their authors have made freely available.

You’ll also be a part of a community of readers and students who regularly engage in stimulating conversations regarding the books they’re reading. It’s possible to reply to and leave evaluations, which will help you understand the text you’re reading better and perhaps even gain new insight.


The Open Textbook Library aims to transform student learning and higher education by providing access to open textbooks written by licensed authors and publishers. They can be used and modified at will. You can distribute, edit, and download these PDF books for free.

College students are the main target audience for the textbooks on this website. A total of twelve different academic categories, including Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, are covered by the PDF versions of college textbooks.


Saylor Academy is another internet resource that academics, instructors, and universities all trust. It offers a selection of free online textbooks on topics like accounting, general business, marketing, management and leadership, and more that you can download, use, and share under open licences.

Although Saylor Academy offers free textbooks, its most well-known feature is its selection of free online courses. You can select from more than 100 options, and for some of them, you can even earn (free of tuition) college credit.


Overseed by Grand Valley State University’s library, ScholarWorks functions as a shared institutional archive. The greatest place for college students to find free textbooks is ScholarWorks.

Articles on a range of topics are available on the website. Books, theses, projects, articles, and dissertations that have been published can be found.

When you enter a topic into the search box to look for content, a wide range of results will appear. The information on this website is accessible to everyone, and a student ID is not needed to download books from the website.


Excellent source for free, peer-reviewed PDF textbooks in twelve different subjects.

Libre Texts is a non-profit website devoted to online learning reform. It is designed with college students in mind and features an easy-to-use interface that makes creating and modifying Open Educational Resources (OER) more straightforward.

223 million students are using the 398 open access, free textbooks that are currently available on the platform. Libre Texts grows with the assistance of its volunteers and active contributors. Interactive visualizations are also employed to improve education.


On Authorama, you can read free novels written by a wide range of authors, including both well-known and contemporary authors. They are organized alphabetically by the last name of the author and are written in easily readable HTML and XHTML formats. There are a few novels in German, but the bulk of the books listed here are written in English.

The ease of use of the website is almost excessive. Scrolling through the author list is your only other option for finding books besides using the straightforward search box. However, these books can all be read online without the need to register, and they are all formatted expertly.


Even though it is illegal to download such content in the US, keeping illegally copied media on your hard drive is probably not going to get you in trouble. It is strictly prohibited to download or make copies of intellectual property.

Open the file that you want to save as a PDF, and then hit File on your tablet or tap the File icon. on your phone.

On the File tab, tap Print.

If not already decided, tap Save as PDF on the drop-down list and then tap Save.

Tap Save.

Pick a location for your PDF, enter a new name (optional), and then tap Save.

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