Top 10 Most Beautiful WAGs in the Premier League

Top 10 Most Beautiful WAGs in the Premier League

The rookies of the Premier League and their beautiful WAGs are an integral part of the most attractive “football parties” on the planet in the UK.

Matt Turner, the goalkeeper who recently signed with Arsenal, is most known for “catching” Ashley Herron. As a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, this 25-year-old beauty has gained a lot of popularity in the US. She has even participated in Super Bowl LII.

Herron is not just lovely, but also talented. Harvard University awarded her a master’s degree in business in 2018. Easton, Turner and Herron’s first son, was welcomed into the world last month.

While in Spain, Nunez only played for the popular football team Almeria in the Second Division. But he still managed to conquer the heart of the beautiful Lorena Manas. A close friend of Antonella, Messi’s wife, Manas once dated another former Barca player, Aleix Vidal and had a child together. Earlier this year, she also gave birth to Nunez a son, named Darwin Jr.

Lisandro Martinez’s girlfriend is a masterful rookie from Argentina who recently joined M.U. She frequently appears in the sexiest attire at carnivals across South America. Martinez and his current girlfriend are known to have known one another since Martinez’s days as a young player at Newell’s Old Boys.

Since the Argentine midfielder moved to Ajax and then Old Trafford, she has always been a dependable friend.

Similar to Matt Turner, Vieira’s girlfriend possesses both beauty and wisdom; she recently joined Arsenal.

Carina Raquel studies economics at the moment, but she frequently causes a stir on social media with her bikini photos from opulent places like the Maldives, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Lake Como, and Mykonos, rather than with market analysis articles. Naturally, London will come next.

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For Perisic in the 2018 World Cup, Josipa is regarded as a lucky charm. The 31-year-old beauty was in the stands for every Croatian game en route to the plaid shirt team final. It is known that Perisic and Josipa were buddies in their early years.

Together, the two gave birth to three kids. There will undoubtedly be four more irrational Tottenham supporters in the stands for the team’s next games.

Flynn Downes from Swansea only cost £10 million to be acquired by West Ham. However, they also have a gorgeous WAG in exchange for one more potential midfield player. Golbold has long been well-known among Swansea supporters, both on the field and frequently in the stands during special events.

Golbold also frequently amuses followers on Instagram by sharing numerous pictures of himself in bikinis that flaunt his muscular and fit physique.

Following West Ham’s decision to acquire Alphonse Areola outright from PSG, Marrion Valette, the stunning woman with two sets of Filipino and Lebanese ancestry, has now officially become the WAG of the London team. Marrion, 34 years old, dazzles with his brown complexion and alluring Asian beauty. She loves to play tennis and is quite good at it.

Marion has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently posts videos of herself playing tennis that highlight her amazing skills.

Sporting Lisbon fans are very sad to say goodbye to Vinagre. The Portuguese left-back is a player who is loved by the fans. But another reason for Sporting fans to regret is to say goodbye to the beautiful WAG Rita Salvador.

The 23-year-old beauty is very hard-working to travel, and everywhere she goes, she takes a lot of beautiful bikini photos to share on Instagram. It is known that Rita and Vinagre have been dating since 2013.

Manor Solomon, a 23-year-old Israeli winger, and his compatriot Dana Voshina have joined Fulham.

Although not much is known about Dana at this time, one thing is certain: she is stunning. Dana, like most attractive young ladies, enjoys traveling and goes to considerable lengths to take check-in pictures, occasionally with her in a bikini.

It is a fact that Sabina Moreno, the wife of newly joined Man City goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, will have to think very carefully before going to the Etihad to watch football.

The reason is because her husband will almost certainly not be able to play often when there is a very stable Ederson in front. But City fans honestly don’t care much. They’re just happy to see her on Instagram.

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