Top 10 Most Beautiful Weather Girls in the U.S And South America

Top 10 Most Beautiful Weather Girls in the U.S And South America

Without these stunning meteorologists, predicting the weather would be boring. The temperature rises to boiling point when these hot weather girls appear on the screen.

Let’s take a look at the seeded list of the world’s hottest and most beautiful female anchors, and then you can tell us which one is your weather girl crush!

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Evelyn Taft – Photo: CBS Los Angeles

Using Evelyn Taft as a name in weather forecasting is nothing new. She is an American meteorologist who works in California. She is a news editor, a journalist, and one of the top five sexiest female anchors on the weather channel.

Taft works for CBS2/KCAL 9 news as their chief meteorologist on the weekends. She was previously the San Francisco Bay area’s KRON 4 weather presenter. In addition to the weather and journaling, she is interested in foreign cultures and travel.

Ximena Cordoba has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram, where she posts pictures of her adventures in acting and modeling.

The Colombian actress and host works on TNT’s ‘Movie Club’, and Univision’s ‘Despierta America’.

The vivacious and passionate Bolivian journalist, fashion designer, glamour model, and TV host has become incredibly well-known. She was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Angus got his start in 2002 as a selected dancer for the Unitel Television entertainment show. She started hosting for the magazine channel later in 2011.

Before she became a presenter, she was a Calle 7 host. Prior to that, she was also selected to work as a co-host at Chicostation as a presenter. She is also doing very well on Instagram, where she has 350,000 followers. The way this attractive female weather reporter presents her information and her facial expressions captivate the audience.

Lluvia Carrillo is one of the most beautiful weather girls who have taken the news sector by storm. Her sense of fashion and sexiness have seen her gain a massive following.

Besides being a weather reporter, Lluvia is also a model and an Instagram star. She currently works for the Televisa Monterrey in Mexico.

One well-known news personality is Janice Villagran, the weather anchor for Estrella TV. The stunning Mexican woman is well-known for her curvaceous appearance and clothes that accentuate her curves. Her captivating on-screen persona and presentation abilities are well-liked by her audience.

Villagran holds a bachelor’s degree in communication science. In addition, she hosts shows live on I Testigo TV. Her clothing, which accentuates her body’s curves, defines her unique online persona. She draws a lot of attention because of her attractive but curvaceous figure.

India-born Sheena Parveen is most well-known for delivering weather forecasts on NBC 10. During high school, she participated in a ton of sports including volleyball and football.

She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in meteorology. After graduation, Sheena was invited to intern at Tallahassee News.

This vivacious brunette provides the weather updates on “Despierta America” in Miami. But she’s used to performing on stage because she competes in pageants. The Colombian reality star became well-known after making an appearance on “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2010.

Ramirez’s bright smile and friendly personality have helped her to gain a large following. She has over 60,000 Instagram followers in addition to over 50,000 Facebook followers. She posts lifestyle photos of herself hiking and spending time with her family on her Instagram account. Ramirez has been married to Argentinean businessman Mariano Bacaleinik since 2010.

The gorgeous Jasmina Marazita is a well-known weather reporter and anchor from Ecuador. She is under contract with Telemundo 51, a news network based in Miami. This female weather anchor also knows a lot about traffic and entertainment. She studied journalism for her degree.

She had an interview with musician Julio Garcia that would change her career. Her short documentary about the destruction caused by the earthquake in Ecuador garnered her a lot of attention.

Marazita is also the host of SBS Radio’s 106.3 Hola Que Tal. She is passionate about writing and reads a lot. On Romance 106.7, she co-hosted a morning radio program with his partner, Ariel Ramirez. Her excellent and captivating weather reporting has earned her a large following.

Television meteorologist Bri Winkler is on her way to the Momentum Pictures premiere of “The Late Bloomer” at the iPic Theaters in Los Angeles, California.

She is a unique example of beauty and intelligence coming together. Bri Winkler earned a bachelor’s degree in marine and atmospheric science from the University of Miami. She began her career in Amarillo as an anchor for KAMR-TV. For a while, she worked as a meteorologist. Bri Winkler works for Eye Witness News at the moment. Her exceptional ability to anchor a show has many people glued to it.

The gorgeous Naile Lopez reports the weather, drawing the audience’s attention away from what’s going on outside. Naile is a stunning and attractive Mexican meteorologist, TV host, and experienced model. Her popularity and viewership have grown as a result of her attractive appearance.

She is now the weather anchor for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey thanks to her talent. She possesses the intelligence and eloquence necessary for a weather reporter.

She credits her support of SoyLaMaria, a swimwear company, for her toned and curvaceous body. She’s applying to be an actress at Televisa San Angel Studio in Mexico City. She appears in the Mexican TV shows “Como dice el dicho” and “The Two Lives of Estela Carrillo.”

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