Top 10 Most Haunted States in the US with the Ghost Stories

Top 10 Most Haunted States in the US with the Ghost Stories

Prior to determining the ranking of the top 10 haunted and ghost states in the United States, we considered a number of different factors.

These included a creep score, which includes the number of unsolved murders by population and abandoned buildings; a boo score, which includes the number of ghost towns and reported ghost sightings by population; and a spook score, which includes the number of haunted places and cemeteries by population, the date of the oldest town or city, and the age of the oldest cemetery.

New Mexico is the most haunted state in the country. This southwestern state, home to places like the Acoma Pueblo, which is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited region in the entire Western Hemisphere, is an ideal location to commune with spirits from the distant past.

New Mexico, America’s most haunted state, has been inhabited by humans since 9200 BCE. New Mexico has plenty of fodder for spooky stories, from abandoned adobe cities built by Ancestral Puebloans to the time of the colonial Wild West.

Tip of Terror: The Acoma Pueblo, 70 miles west of Albuquerque, may be the Western Hemisphere’s oldest continuously occupied site. As early as 600 CE, Acoma Indians lived in a village atop this sprawling mesa, and Spanish missionaries arrived at the end of the 16th century. The 2000 sq ft graveyard located literally in the shadow of the mesa is one of the most uniquely spooky places in the United States, with thousands of years of history, including a brutal massacre of 800 Acoma Indians.

Michigan ranks highly on the list because it has many haunted lighthouses and Detroit’s Michigan Central Station, which is a real haunted building that holds an annual spooktacular event.

Spooky Spot: South Manitou Island, which is a chain of islands in Lake Michigan, is known for its stunning sand dunes and ghost stories about sailors who were buried alive and are said to still haunt the area.

Most Haunted Hotel: The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island is renowned for both its spectral visitors and the longest front porch in the world. Look out for a woman dressed in Victorian attire who occasionally gets into people’s beds or a man wearing a top hat who enjoys playing the piano in the bar.

While West Virginia’s coal mining industry may be the state’s most well-known feature to visitors, local horror fans know this Appalachian state for having an unusually high cemetery rate. With over 18,534 cemeteries and fewer than 2 million residents, this small state is home to many ghost stories. Many Hatfield family members—notoriety for which stems from their conflict with the McCoys—are interred in Logan County’s Hatfield Cemetery, for example.

Tip of Terror: West Virginia is home to one of America’s most terrifying creatures. The Mothman’s bright red eyes were first observed in 1967 close to the abandoned WWII bunkers in Point Pleasant. Ever since, the Mothman has become the most beloved and feared urban legend in the town. There is now a 12-foot steel statue and a whole museum in Point Pleasant devoted to this humanoid.

West Virginia’s abundance of cemeteries (18,534) contributed to the state’s high “spook score.” The Morgan Chapel and Graveyard in Bunker Hill, Berkeley County, was founded in 1741.

The Hatfield Cemetery in Logan County is a particularly eerie cemetery, where members of the Hatfield family (famous for their feud with the McCoys) are buried.

The study also mentions 25 ghost towns in West Virginia, including Brink in Marion County, Jerryville in Webster County, and Exchange in Braxton County.

West Virginia is also known as the birthplace of the legendary red-eyed “Mothman,” who was first seen in 1967 near abandoned WWII bunkers in Point Pleasant. Point Pleasant now has a 12-foot steel statue and a museum dedicated to the humanoid creature.

Although Florida is known as a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and world-famous attractions, paranormal enthusiasts love to explore the state’s other side. It is not surprising that Florida is known for its lingering spirits, ghostly encounters, and unexplained occurrences given its history of centuries of war, pirates, and shipwrecks.

Naturally, the majority of lists featuring haunted or eerie places in Florida will include St. Augustine at the top.

Let’s discuss Castillo de San Marcos, a former military stronghold that gained notoriety for some of its engagements. The 17th-century fort is allegedly still guarded by the ghosts of Spanish soldiers. Some claim that a light fixture in one of the watchtowers, which is not connected to electricity, shines. The eerie tales also mention a specific Spanish soldier who watches the sun rising or setting while standing at the fort’s edge and gazing out to sea. Then there is the dungeon, where a lot of people have mentioned feeling as though icy hands are touching them. Some claim that they simply felt chilly overall while exploring, according to the website Tourists at the fort claim to have captured images and videos of luminous spheres, hazy forms, and even some forms that resemble human bodies. There are several reasons why people who are interested in the paranormal and supernatural travel to Castillo de San Marcos, all of which will make your skin crawl.

Constructed in 1874, this iconic lighthouse soars to a height of 165 feet above the ocean. Its 219 steps lead to the stunning tower, where a Fresnel lens functions as a lighthouse beacon for approaching vessels. Though it continues to serve the city, this charming lighthouse is also a hub of paranormal activity, shedding ghostly light on the city’s tragic past. Numerous accounts have been given of unsettling encounters, odd feelings, and unexplained sights and sounds. Many ghosts are said to haunt this location, including the two young daughters of Hezekiah Pity who drowned when a building cart they were playing in broke loose and slid down a hill into the bay, and Joseph Andreu, the lighthouse keeper of the original lighthouse who died while painting the tower. Some guests have seen the eldest daughter wearing the same blue velvet dress she wore when she was last seen alive, and others have heard the sounds of the girl laughing. Even when the lighthouse is closed to visitors, the smell of cigar smoke can still be detected, and Joseph Andreu has been spotted at the top of the structure. Footsteps can also frequently be heard on the stairs. Discover the spectral inhabitants of this historic lighthouse by taking a tour and ascending the steps.

Whoa, a lot is happening at Flagler College (assuming you believe in that kind of thing, that is).

Firstly, it is said that Ponce de Leon Hall is haunted by three spirits: the ghost of Henry Flagler; Ida Alicia, Flagler’s second wife; and the ghost of Flagler’s mistress, who is only identified as “a woman in black.” As a point of reference, Flagler College’s main building is the original Ponce de Leon Hotel, now called Ponce de Leon Hall. In a nutshell, this is what says: Henry Flagler was a hotel enthusiast. He fell inside his house and died in Palm Beach in January 1913. The hotel’s rotunda was where Flagler’s body was placed in state. All the doors slammed shut when it was time to carry him out. Many people think that Flagler’s spirit is still at Ponce de Leon, even though his body was interred at a nearby mausoleum. A different account of this incident states that Flagler became stuck inside the rotunda. It’s not unusual for hotel founders or owners to “stay” at their beloved establishments, possibly just to keep a watch on things. So perhaps everything makes sense. Regarding Ida Alicia, some speculate that she suffered from bipolar disorder or that she was manic. “(Sometimes), people with (mental health problems) sometimes have a hard time letting go of this earth and passing through the light to the other side,” according to

And lastly, legend has it that Flagler was having an affair with a frequent guest of the hotel. Her go-to color was black. According to the story, when Ida Alicia arrived to stay at the property, Flagler kept the woman in black away from his wife and forbade her from leaving a specific set of rooms. There are rumors that she hanged herself after going insane. Now keep in mind that this is only a brief overview of one Flagler College building. Who knows, then? From here, the haunted stories can only get more bizarre.

Perhaps you should refer to it as “Paranormal Pennsylvania.” There are many terrifying stories to tell about this state. For example, the Hell’s Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail is just as scary as its name suggests, and Eastern State Penitentiary honors its turbulent past with daytime and evening tours for the truly brave.

Spooky Spot: It’s understandable that Gettysburg, one of the most haunted locations in the state, if not all of America, is one where over 50,000 men lost their lives during a bloody Civil War battle. Take a Ghostly Images of Gettysburg Ghost Tour to hear tales of the ghosts that still lurk here. Or stay at the Gettysburg Hotel, where the corridors are manned by a Confederate nurse.

Most Haunted Hotel: The Logan Inn in the quaint town of New Hope has been frightening away its visitors since 1722. Number 6 is the creepiest room; at night you can hear people crying and frequently smell the lavender perfume that a previous owner’s mother wore.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and winter sports, Alaska is a paradise. While Alaska offers many locations for breathtaking views of the natural world, there are also many locations for exhilarating experiences. One thing that caught our attention among the many unusual items found here is the presence of old buildings or villas plagued by strange paranormal activity.

Alaska is replete with spooky places to visit, such as ghost towns and haunted hotels, that will send shivers down your spine. A location that is only a few minutes away from your home is probably the subject of some eerie local lore. Get out of your cabin fever and find some eerie locations to visit. These are incredibly spooky activities that you most likely were unaware were possible in Alaska.

Alaska’s haunted locations include the Val Gilder Hotel in Seward, the Pedro Dredge in Chicken, the Hotel Captain Cook, and the ghost at Moocher’s Bar in Nenana.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a big fan of hot climates, you probably won’t agree with how Alaska does things.

For instance, it’s mid-July in Alaska right now, and you’ll be lucky if the temperature rises above 65 degrees during your visit.

Making the trip to Alaska during the winter is regarded as extremely risky since, if you’re not acclimated to the extreme cold, you could easily suffer some severe injuries.

The Oklahoma plains are the only place to go if ghost towns are what’s making your heart race. The Sooner State, home to 290 ghost towns and an abundance of ghost stories, boasts fewer than 4 million inhabitants. A large number of these deserted settlements were once prosperous oil or lumber towns that collapsed in the Great Depression. Tornadoes flattened other people.

Tip of Terror: The town of Ingalls, Oklahoma, which is situated between Stillwater and Yale, resembles a scene from an old western film. Only 150 people still live in this ghost town, which was formerly a booming coal and oil mining community. However, in the early 1980s, it was also used as a hideout by outlaws, including the notorious Doolin-Dalton Gang, to the detriment of the town’s bright future. Upon discovering that numerous gang members were gathering at a nearby saloon, the U.S. Marshals dispatched 27 deputies along with the Indian police to Ingalls. Three deputies and two local bystanders were killed in the ensuing gunfight, which is remembered on a plaque close to the boarded-up Old West town center.

The Hoosier state is well-known for its basketball, corn, and ghosts.

Spooky Spot: Are you afraid of ghosts? It’s possible that Indiana University in Bloomington is best avoided. From the Career Center, where infants are occasionally heard crying, to the Indiana Memorial Union, which is home to a ghostly dog, the campus is rife with paranormal activity.

Golf courses, spas, and haunted hotels—oh, and ghosts? The French Lick Springs Hotel is a getaway resort that is haunted by Thomas Taggart, the hotel’s founder, who still likes to host parties in the empty ballroom and soak in the mineral springs on the property. Blood is also discovered by housekeepers in a bathtub where a betrayed bride committed suicide.

Just in time for Halloween weekend, Texas was listed as the ninth most haunted state! Texas received an overall score of 8.60, which included 5.8 on the spook scale, 7.6 on the creep scale, and 6.5 on the boo scale. Texas finished tied with Indiana, ahead of Missouri, and behind states like Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Alaska.

This is the region that gave rise to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and places like Marfa, after all. Tumbleweed town, deep in the heart of nowhere in the west, is known for the mysterious Marfa Lights and its vibrant art scene. In the 1800s, people began to report seeing these bright, colorful, glowing orbs that defied explanation.

Ghostly Location: Recall the Alamo? Apparently, ghosts do as well. Given that it was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in American history, it is not surprising that many people claim San Antonio to be the most haunted city in Texas. Ghost City Tours offers walking tours of the city, and if you stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel, you can experience ghost tours of the hotel’s hallways. The site is now well-known for its paranormal activity and was formerly home to a psychiatric ward and a morgue.

Most Haunted Hotel: The Driskill Hotel in Austin is haunted by the ghost of a Texas senator’s 4-year-old daughter who died tragically after falling from the hotel’s grand staircase, as well as the man who built the hotel and never wanted to leave.

Missouri has a ghostly past. From St. Louis to Kansas City, there are many haunted hang-outs for you and your friends to explore. You can stay at a haunted hotel or dine at an eerie restaurant.

Missouri State Penitentiary

Visit the Missouri State Penitentiary during the day for a history tour. It is the oldest prison that is still in operation west of the Mississippi. The Jefferson City-based facility held prisoner custody for 168 years before it was shut down in 2004. During a two-hour ghost tour, a three-hour ghost hunt, or an overnight paranormal investigation, discover the otherworldly side of the prison at night. Discover the prison’s grounds and dungeon cells while learning about the inmates who, according to some, are still roving the hallways.

Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Masion in St. Louis, which dates back to the late 1860s, is said to be the city’s most haunted location. It was once listed as one of the top ten haunted locations in America by Life magazine. Take a ghost tour to discover the terrifying past of the Lemp family, or use The Lemp Experience’s infrared camera to scan three floors of the abandoned mansion for paranormal activity.

Missouri State Penitentiary

The state penitentiary, which held prisoners for 168 years and is said by some to have ghosts roaming its halls, was shut down in 2004. Take one of the many available tours to see for yourself. There is a two-hour ghost tour and an overnight paranormal investigation that lasts five or eight hours, depending on your level of interest.

Glore Psychiatric Museum

This museum will give you the willies even though it’s not haunted. With displays of surgical instruments, patient artwork, nurse uniforms, and even objects taken out of a patient’s stomach, the museum is regarded as one of the more unique in the entire nation. The museum documents 145 years of the state hospital’s existence, which began in 1874 and was formerly located on the same property.

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