Top 10+ Most Watched TV Series on Acorn TV

Top 10+ Most Watched TV Series on Acorn TV presents Top 10 plus TV Series on the most watched and most popular Acorn TV over the years. Please enjoy and share your thoughts about these TV Series.

The first series began on BBC One on April 2014, the second on February 2016, and the third on 1 January 2023.

Canceled after the second season.

Øystein Karlsen (Creator), Chanya Button, David Caffrey, Jon Jones

Øystein Karlsen, Julie Wassmer, Mike Walden, MyAnna Buring, Rachel Flowerday, Alastair Galbraith

Carly Paradis

Dirk Nel, Vanessa Whyte, Michael Wood

Buccaneer Media, Acorn Media Enterprises. Distributor: Cineflix Rights, Acorn TV

Mark Brozel, Dudi Appleton

Rachel Cuperman, Sally Griffiths

Anne Dudley

Michael Lavelle

Route 24, Cattleya. Distributor: Acorn TV

Mike Smith, Murray Keane, Joshua Frizzell, Michael Hurst, Mark Beesley

Timothy Balme, Philip Dalkin, Greg McGee, James Griffin, Nick Ward

Joel Haines, Jay Neilson

Rewa Harre, Marty Smith

South Pacific Pictures. Distributor: All3Media International

Christiaan Olwagen, Karen Jeynes

Annie Griffin, Karen Jeynes. Novel: Sally Andrew

Zethu Mashika

Vicci Turpin

Acorn TV, Both Worlds Pictures, M-Net. Distributor: Acorn TV, Global Screen, A&E, Multichoice Studios

Jovita O’Shaughnessy, David Caesar, Ben C. Lucas

Andrew Anastasios, Paul Bennett, Ainslie Clouston, Beck Cole, Phillip Gwynne, David Hannam, Glenys Rowe, Giula Sandler, Adam Zwar

Kate Miller-Heidke, Keir Nuttall

John Stokes

CJZ, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland. Distributor: Acorn Media

Sally Lindsay (Creator), Sue Vincent (Creator), Dermot Boyd

Sally Lindsay, Sue Vincent

Chris Hague, Joel White

Sean Van Hales

Channel 5 Television, Clapperboard Studios, Saffron Cherry TV, Acorn TV, Malta Film Commission. Distributor: Channel 5 Television

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