Top 10 Weirdest National Holidays In The U.S

Top 10 Weirdest National Holidays In The U.S

These are simply a handful of the officially recognized holidays that we acknowledge for their significance to our history and culture. We’re eager to break out the grill for Labor Day and get ready to cook that turkey with all the fixings come Thanksgiving Day. There are other holidays that should be observed but don’t receive nearly as much attention. Remember to put these ten incredibly bizarre national holidays on your calendar.

It’s arguable that William Shakespeare is the best playwright in English history. It makes reasonable that Americans, who speak English as their first language, would observe a day to honor the well-known bard who was born in England. Naturally, Talk Like Shakespeare Day has to be chosen instead of National Shakespeare Day or anything like. Americans recite well-known Shakespearean sonnets or lines from his plays as they stroll through the city on April 23, which is also traditionally commemorated as Shakespeare’s birthday and date of death. Alternatively, they jump on social media and conclude every statement with “est.” Shakespeare would have adored Twitter, it seems to us.

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2. National Ex-Spouse Day

While many bemoan the fact that Valentine’s Day is merely a commercial holiday, what about National Ex-Spouse Day? This annual event, which falls on April 14—exactly two months after Valentine’s Day—is devoted to honoring a past romantic partner. Even while some people might discover that their relationship with their ex improves after they are divorced, it still feels a little odd to dedicate a day to a failed romance. But if your divorce was contentious, we advise avoiding this holiday. It’s possible that a Happy Ex-Spouse greeting card will cause more harm than good.

Every year on January 21, Squirrel Appreciation Day is celebrated on the same day as National Hug Day. We advise against combining the two events, regardless of how you choose to celebrate. You may wonder, “Why should we be grateful to squirrels?” We can’t say for sure. However, we are certain that observing squirrels from a distance is the greatest way to appreciate them. Making a food supply for the squirrels in your neighborhood is one method to achieve this, particularly in the northern regions of the world where squirrels might be running low on nuts and other treats. Here are a few honorable mentions before we reveal our top choice: – Be Late for Something Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, and Friendship Day.

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The final Monday of January is National Bubble Wrap Day, or National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, honoring an amazing work of creation. Nowadays, the main use of bubble wrap is to safeguard delicate products during storage or transportation. It goes without saying that people also like popping the bubbles in the bubble wrap.

Put some bubble wrap on.

Make something artistic using bubble wrap.

Donate some used bubble wrap to a nearby charity to recycle it.

Go through a Poke-A-Dot book.

For project ideas, check out the National Day Calendar Classroom.

Pi Day, observed on March 14 every year, is a celebration for math and pie lovers alike, as 3, 1, and 4 represent the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi. Although there are many different ways that people celebrate this day, pie consumption is the most popular custom. In 1988, Pi Day was first formally observed in San Francisco, where participants marched in circles and had fruit pies at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Having a whole day devoted to a mathematical constant is a little peculiar, though maybe not as strange as some of the other days on this list. We won’t grumble, though; we’ll take any justification for pie.

Fruit tastes amazing. Cake tastes great. When you combine them, the result is a catastrophe. In all likelihood, not many people enjoy fruitcake, and even those who do usually don’t choose it as their dessert of choice. Nevertheless, that fruitcake is always present at Christmas parties, overlooked completely as it sits behind the other desserts. The question of what to do with the fruitcake that no one touched still stands if you are hosting the celebration. Of course, you throw it out! This day, which is observed on the first Saturday in January, encourages people to throw away any fruitcakes they no longer need. Though we’re not sure why you have to wait so long, we advise discarding it right away when the celebration is over.

Mad Hatter Day is one of the odd national holidays where it is perfectly acceptable to be absurd and funny. It was inspired by a passion for the quirky fictitious figure created by Lewis Carroll. Mad tea parties and un-birthday parties are totally okay. In case you’re wondering why October 6th is designated as Mad Hatter Day, it’s because the number 10/6 correlates with the price tag found on the front of the notorious item worn by the Mad Hatter.

Raise a glass in honor of December 5, which marks the anniversary of the 18th Amendment’s repeal in 1933. Celebrate the Prohibition Era’s conclusion with a few drinks with your buddies. Just rejoice that you can now drink alcohol in moderation. Salutations!

Not every holiday is publicly observed or even officially declared by the government on a national level. However, that does not negate the significance of celebrating these occasions. These days, along with others, have gained recognition over time as occasions for nostalgia or simple enjoyment. Which peculiar national festivals do you hope to observe this year?

It’s bad to be the middle child. It seems like you are always living in your bigger sibling’s shadow and that you don’t get away with anything that they did. You also don’t receive the same care or security that your younger sister does. At least you have the well-known Middle Child Day on August 12 to look forward to every year! perhaps not in that way. Although Middle Child Day may seem like a just reward for those who might go unnoticed, we’re ready to wager that your parents are unaware of it. And that’s pretty much it when it comes to the middle child’s existence.

You recall spending your elementary school days poring over a thesaurus, don’t you? Writer Peter Roget created a text by himself that transformed inexperienced writers into master wordsmiths. It’s unclear who first declared this celebration, but Roget’s birthday seems like an appropriate honor for Thesaurus Day.

There are lots of weird national holidays celebrated in the US. There are other holidays that should be observed but don’t receive nearly as much attention. You will feel ridiculous knowing about these days but their true meanings are real.

See the complete schedule of March holidays, observances, and celebrations for National Days across the United States every year.

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