Top 100 Most Handsome & Beautiful Faces in the World 2024 – According to TC Candler

Top 100 Most Handsome & Beautiful Faces in the World 2024 – According to TC Candler

The American film, art, and beauty review website TC Candler published a list of the top 100 male and female faces in the world at the end of December 2023.

Every year, the TC Candler website announces the top 100 most beautiful faces in the world, and this year is no exception.

Nancy (MOMOLAND, Korea), a member of the group Momoland, is ranked first in the ranking of the 100 most beautiful female faces of 2024.This is not a surprising result given Nancy’s regular appearance in beauty rankings; last year, she was ranked second in the list of the world’s 100 most beautiful female faces.

The female idol born in 2000 surpassed a series of other beauties such as “Victoria’s Secret angel” Jasmine Tookes, Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Sana (TWICE), to become the most beautiful face in the world 2023.

However, this result caused a stir on social networks. association, even causing fierce controversy.

Nancy is supported by Dasha Taran (Russia), Twice – Sana (Japan), actress Gal Gadot (Israel), Jasmin Tookes (USA), and others.

Notably, BlackPink members did not rank high, with Jennie ranking 23rd, Rosé ranking 12th, Lisa ranking 14th, and Jisoo ranking 9th.

Meanwhile, according to TC Candler, member Lisa was the most beautiful female face in the world in 2021.

Standing in second place is Russian-born model Dasha Taran. The model born in 1999 is active in Korea and is very loved by young Korean people.

Dasha Taran is a YouTuber, model and half Russian-Ukrainian. Dasha Taran is famous for her angelic beauty. Last year, she ranked 4th and is expected to soon take the throne because of her “surreal” beauty.

TWICE- Sana’s Japanese beauty excellently won 3rd place thanks to her elegant and seductive beauty.

Last year Jasmine Tookes excellently won the title of most beautiful face in the world, this year “Victoria’s Secret Angel” had to sadly give it to Nancy.

This year’s chart crown belongs to French-American actor Timothée Chalamet.

The next 4 positions in the Top 5 respectively belong to British actor Henry Cavill, Chinese singer Keung To, Japanese male Kpop idol Ni-Ki and British actor Lucien Laviscount.

BTS members are also not ranked highly, with V ranking 10th, Jungkook ranking 16th, and Jimin ranking 46th. These are all lower positions as a result of BTS members’ rankings. had previously.

In addition, in the entire list of Top 100 most beautiful male faces in the world in 2023, there are 15 Kpop idols. These include Hyun Jin – Stray Kids (Top 12), Jungkook – BTS (Top 16), Jimin – BTS (Top 46), Cha Eun Woo – Astro (Top 56), Mingyu – Seventeen (Top 59), Jin – BTS (Top 67)…

In general, the top positions receive audience approval; this year’s top 100 includes a large number of K-Pop idols.

The Top 100 is chosen using a variety of evaluation criteria, including grace, elegance, uniqueness, boldness, fire, class, poise, and fun, in addition to the facial perfection requirements. looks, opportunities, hopes

The goal of the list, which TC Candler refers to as “representative of the modern ideal of global beauty,” is to “inform and expand” as opposed to just reflecting the opinions of individuals. This is not an election concerning a person’s or a nation’s popularity.

TC Candler just released their ranking of the 100 most beautiful female faces for 2024. The full list is shown below, and KnowInsiders’ve highlighted K-pop related entries:

100. Emilia Clarke

99. Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

98. Freen Sarocha

97. Afra Saraçoğlu

96. L‍ily Rose Depp

95. Lupita Nyong’o

94. S‍huhua – (G)I-dle

93. Jenna Coleman

92. Leni Klum

91. C‍huu – ex-L‍oona

90. Margot Robbie

89. Banita Sandhu

88. Klelia Andriolatou

87. Gulnazar

86. Livvy Dunne

85. Jourdan Dunn

84. H‍ina Yoshihara

83. Emma Watson

82. Y‍eji – I‍tzy

81. Julia Butters

80. Engfa Waraha

79. Ariana Grande

78. Özge Yağız

77. Violette Wautier

76. Ella Balinska

75. D‍ita Karang – S‍ecret Number

74. Sadie Sink

73. A‍lice Pagani

72. Arai Ayaka – N‍iziU

71. B‍elle Mariano

70. Angourie Rice

69. Sıla Türkoğlu

68. Rainky Wai

67. Brielle Clark

66. Anna Jobling

65. Candela Gallo

64. Y‍ooa – O‍h M‍y Girl

63. Phoebe Dynevor

62. Halle Bailey

61. K‍azuha – L‍e Sserafim

60. Ahlem Fekih

59. Kaylyn Slevin

58. Disha Patani

57. Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki

56. Sasha Song

55. Kwon Eun Bi – ex-I‍z*One

54. Rebecca Patricia Armstrong

53. Oktyabrina Maximova

52. Hande Erçel

51. Desirée

50. M‍innie – (G)I-dle

49. Beby Tsabina

48. Thylane Blondeau

47. Tian Xi W‍ei

46. N‍ingning – A‍espa

45. Janine Gutierrez

44. Vienna Maryce

43. Kimiya Hosseini

42. Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun

41. Whitney Peak

40. H‍arvey – X‍G

39. Ana De Armas

38. Y‍uqi – (G)I-dle

37. Berta Castañé

36. Danielle – N‍ewJeans

35. L‍ili Rose

34. S‍eulgi – R‍ed Velvet

33. Emilie Nereng

32. Lyodra Ginting

31. Mai Omar

30. S‍orn – ex-C‍LC

29. Halima Aden

28. Liza Soberano

27. W‍onyoung – I‍VE

2‍6. Emily Mei

25. Sydney Sweeney

24. Yurina Gyoten

23. J‍ennie Kim – B‍lackpink

22. Alba Baptista

21. Ivana Alawai

20. C‍haeryeong – I‍tzy

19. Owada N‍ana

18. Madia Ferreira

17. Jeon S‍omi – ex-I‍.O.I

16. Andrea Brillantes

15. N‍ana – ex-After School

14. L‍i‍sa – B‍lackpink

13. Yael Shelbia

12. Rosé – B‍lackpink

11. T‍zuyu – Twice

10. Savannah Clarke

9. J‍isoo – B‍lackpink

8. Andrea Botez

7. Eleen Suliman

6. S‍itala – ex-H‍1-K‍ey

5. Jasmine Tookes

4. Gal Gadot

3. Minatozaki S‍ana – Twice

2. Dasha Taran

1. N‍ancy Jewel McDonie – ex-M‍omoland

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