Top 15 Best American Luxury Brands Today

Top 15 Best American Luxury Brands Today

What are some of the top American fashion brands? There are many well-known European luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. Which American fashion houses offer exquisite ready-to-wear lines, gorgeous handbag collections, and gorgeous footwear?

This list of American luxury companies that you should be aware of includes both well-known names that we all know and adore as well as lesser-known names that are producing some of the most interesting items, keeping you one step ahead of the curve. Continue reading to get some ideas for your subsequent luxury purchase!

Tom Ford founded the company in the US in 2005.

What Tom Ford Sells: Expensive clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and scents

What Makes Tom Ford Famous: His fragrances

Tom Ford is one of the most talented designers of his generation. He is renowned for bringing Saint Laurent back into the mainstream and for rescuing Gucci from the brink of bankruptcy and transforming it into a fashion powerhouse. Therefore, it was inevitable for Tom Ford to launch his own label after quitting both companies, and that is how he did it.

Tom Ford is a brand that moves with the times and stays relevant with modern looks. The American luxury label describes its customers as cultured, international, and well-traveled.

Everybody on earth is familiar with and adores Michael Kors. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has produced utterly appealing handbags and presented collections during New York Fashion Week.

Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon are just two of the prominent people who adore Michael Kors’ neutral hues, crisp lines, and sophisticated designs that effortlessly blend into any modern woman’s wardrobe.

With its pared-back look, slim chain strap, and well-organized inside, this East/West Saffiano Crossbody Bag exemplifies the stylishness of Michael Kors designs.

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Founded In: 1994 by Rick Owens in Los Angeles, US

What Rick Owens Sells: Luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories

What Is Rick Owens Known For: Rick Owens Shoes

Rick Owens’ designs combine a fashion-sportswear fusion with a gothic style. As a result of the brand’s many devoted customers, particularly those who appreciate the color black, Rick Owens, the brand’s creator and designer, earned the moniker “lord of darkness.” However, amidst numerous dismal designs, there are some colorful accents.—

Even though Off White was established in Milan in 2012, Virgil Abloh, the company’s founder, is widely regarded as one of the top American fashion designers.

Off-White immediately became a well-known brand thanks to Abloh’s daring and stunning designs that quickly caught the attention of the entire world. Off-White collaborated with a variety of brands, including Levi Strauss, Jimmy Choo, Ikea, and Moncler, all of which resulted in highly sought-after items.

If you are looking to add a classic Off-White item to your wardrobe, then this effortlessly cool Bustier Dress is perfect for you, decorated with the Off-White brand name decorating the straps of this sleek dress.

When considering American fashion, Ralph Lauren is an absolute must. Everyone from Princess Dianna to Leonardo DiCaprio has worn it for years, including them. It adheres to the high standards of American luxury brands while adding a unique, laid-back flair. Because of this, it became one of the most well-known American luxury brands fairly rapidly.

Its main distribution channel is via leisure and fashion publications. To advertise its goods and services, the company has launched television advertising campaigns, special events, and lead generation programs.

Apple is well known for its line of desktop computers and the software that runs on them, in addition to the iPod and its unique marketing strategies. It is the leading luxury brand in America. The very first commercially available desktop computer with a graphical user interface was the Macintosh, which was introduced in 1984.

Apple’s success is based on more than just its products. Nowadays, owning a high-end smartphone or tablet is no longer sufficient. Two further areas where Apple succeeds and sets itself apart are in the customer experience and service.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, well-known actresses in the 1990s and early 2000s, created the upscale brand The Row in 2006.

The brand originally set out to design the ideal t-shirt, but it has now evolved into a cult favorite among modern women who lead hectic lifestyles and is renowned for its sleek, clean aesthetic.

In addition to showcasing a collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2016, they also built flagship locations in Los Angeles in 2014 and New York in 2016. The Row’s sleek, understated aesthetic is perfectly exemplified by this Lucienne Ruched Maxi Dress.

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8. Coach

With Stuart Vevers as the creative director, Coach, an American company best recognized for its purses and leather goods, has grown in popularity.

You are sure to discover something you like from this brand’s selection of both classic, timeless pieces and incredibly modern clothing and accessories.

With their soft appearance, brilliant hues, and adaptable styling, Tabby purses have become cult classics.

Founded In: 2014 by Mike Amiri in Los Angeles, US

What Amiri Sells: Luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories

What Is Amiri Known For: Amiri Jeans

Amiri is a high-end brand that blends streetwear and Californian culture. Skaters, singers, and graffiti artists all flocked to this brand because of its successful fusion of the LA way of life and distinctive savoir-faire. Additionally, the rock ‘n’ roll style has an effect on certain of Amiri’s collections.

Amiri began his profession by creating stage decorations by hand for bands. Amiri made the decision to launch his company after serving as a creative consultant for numerous LA denim labels and global luxury companies. Many people adored his creations and began to identify more with the brand.

Amiri jeans are the backbone of this brand since they are trendy and expensive (you usually find a pair for over $1,000). Additionally, Amiri jeans have a distinct, hyped rock & roll lifestyle.

Founded In: 1984 by Marc Jacobs

What Marc Jacobs Sells: Luxury leather goods, ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories

What Is Marc Jacobs Known For: Marc Jacobs Handbags

Two ideas served as the foundation for the creation of Marc Jacobs: dedication to quality and love of fashion. The brand’s stylistic interpretations of pop culture and societal trends helped it grow to be very well known. Marc Jacobs became that avant-garde and daring brand that people desired to wear more and more thanks to its modern takes on vintage and traditional styles.

Marc Jacobs created and sold his first line of hand-knit sweaters while attending Parsons. Marc Jacobs chose to design his first collection under his own name after a few designs. The innovation in luxurious necessities helped the company swiftly gain popularity.

Tommy Hilfiger, another venerable American company, offers a wide selection of fashionable apparel for men, women, and children in addition to accessories, home goods, and perfumes.

Since its founding in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has developed into a significant fashion brand with 2000 outlets in 100 countries and countless department stores carrying its merchandise.

If you’re looking for cute clothing for a casual yet stylish look, Tommy Hilfiger is a terrific store to check out. It’s known for its all-American, casual designs.

Since its founding in 1837, Tiffany and Company has strived to position itself as an assessor of a sense of style via its premium items, particularly jewelry, and is one of the American luxury brands. In addition to jewelry, Tiffany also produces timepieces and crystal glassware, all of which are available for purchase in Tiffany’s stores worldwide.

Aside from jewelry, the store also has a variety of other items, such as clocks and flatware. In 1867, Tiffany was the first American business to receive the World’s Fair of Paris’ golden award for silver artistry.

Nike Inc. (NIKE) is one of the top manufacturers of sportswear, gear, accessories, and services worldwide. Many of its products are worn every day for enjoyment and relaxation even though they are primarily designed for sports use.

Nike is excellent at many things, including making shoes, designing clothes, supporting sports teams, and making money. The company does best, nevertheless, in the branding department. Nike is unparalleled in terms of branding.

The business of the company is centered on beauty products. Estée Lauder Companies Inc. also produces and advertises perfume and hair products in addition to skincare and cosmetics products. In fact, skin and beauty products of the highest quality are what they are renowned for.

Vans has a well-deserved reputation for being the preferred shoe brand for counterculture pursuits like jumping on stages at Warped Tour and cruising on deserted ponds in LA suburbia. From the middle of the 1960s till the present, Vans has offered customers a cheap way to give their clothing personality.

Many consumers are fiercely patriotic, so when they shop, they solely focus on American luxury apparel labels. Tom Ford, Amiri, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, Rick Owens, and Thom Browne are a few of the top American fashion houses.

In all honesty, these companies are on their way from being opulent American brands to becoming the most valuable ones. On this list, be sure to locate your new favorite company!

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