Top 15+ Best Free Online Courses for Cloud Computing Today

Top 15+ Best Free Online Courses for Cloud Computing Today

Cloud computing, also known as virtual server computing, is a computing model that uses computer technology and develops based on the Internet. The term “cloud” here is a metaphor for the Internet and as an association for the complexity of the infrastructures contained within it. Cloud computing includes many service models, such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and FaaS.

The Internet of Things and Cloud Platforms free online course will guide you through the most important details about the integration of cloud computing and the Internet of Things in your life. Both technologies are gradually transforming the ways people use to complete their daily tasks. And although the two technologies are very different, there is a complementary relationship between them. So take this free online courses now to give a powerful boost to your career in computer programming.


This course is a beginner’s guide to Cloud Computing with AWS. In this course, most of the services needed to build your infrastructure in the cloud will be explained. This is purely based on hands-on sessions and focuses primarily on how to configure AWS services in real time. There will be LIVE sessions every weekend to give a summary of the lectures covered in this guide. Speakers will also answer your questions during the LIVE sessions.

Course content:

Configure Virtual Servers with Amazon EC2

Set up storage using S3 and EBS

Configure a monitoring system with Amazon Cloud Watch

Configure CDN – Content Delivery Network using Amazon Cloud Front

Mass Email Solution Using Amazon SES

Configure a database using Amazon RDS

Configure High Availability DNS Using Amazon Route53


This free online course is an introduction to Could Computing and IaaS (Cloud Computing and a Service Model). As a first step, we will learn the key terms in cloud computing and then focus on the IaaS model. From there, the course will explore the constructions, typical use cases, advantages and disadvantages, and pricing models of Cloud computing.


Section 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing and IaaS – Learning Outcome

Section 2: Cloud Computing Terminology Overview

Section 3: Virtualization Technologies

Section 4: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Section 5: Introduction to Cloud Computing and IaaS – Lesson Summary

Section 6: Course assessment


Another well-known cloud computing service is Google Cloud Platform, which is used by large corporations such as Spotify and Snapchat. With 6 hours of video content and over 41k student enrollment, this course is probably the best free one on Udemy.

Begin by learning the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform, such as storage, databases, and compute services.

Then you’ll begin exploring the GCP interface, such as the shell, SDK, console, and others. Following that, you will begin using the compute service and creating an instance, as well as the cloud storage and SQL databases, networking services, and platform management.


Google Cloud Training is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a free platform to learn GCP. Their free tier option includes free hands-on training as well as a $300 credit to spend on GCP products within 90 days. You must sign up with a credit card to prove you are not a robot, but your card will not be charged unless you choose to upgrade manually.

Google Cloud Training offers nine learning paths, as well as the opportunity to earn exclusive digital Google Cloud skill badges. The classes are self-paced and can be completed whenever you want.

Students can also benefit from Cloud OnBoard, a free online training program for IT professionals and developers who want to learn more about cloud computing. Hands-on labs, games, quizzes, and lessons taught by expert instructors are all part of the program. You will also not leave empty-handed, as you will receive an e-certificate for your participation.


When you arrive at the AWS training page, you’ll find a plethora of cloud-related courses.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Introduction to AWS Secrets Manager, Big Data Technology Fundamentals, and AWS Analytics Services Overview are just a few of the courses available to help you understand and practice the concepts on your own.

AWS courses are ideal for anyone looking to get started with cloud computing, especially if you want to make a career out of cloud computing by specializing in AWS.

AWS provides a variety of cloud deployment and other cloud services; therefore, if you want to learn more about each of those services, visit their training page. After completing the courses, you should be a cloud infrastructure master.


IBM’s Introduction to Cloud Computing walks you through the fundamental concepts required to become a cloud practitioner. You’ll learn about cloud computing’s definition, history, models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), and components. You’ll also learn how businesses use cloud computing technology and identify the major cloud providers that are currently in use.

The lessons are user-friendly and do not require any programming knowledge. They cater to a wide range of students, from students to cloud engineers. You will be able to create an IBM cloud account and gain experience with cloud services by the end of the course.


Cloud computing is a field that is constantly evolving and finding its way into all of today’s applications. As a result, it is critical that you understand that there is a significant increase in the demand for skilled cloud developers. The domain is vast, and it is critical that you have the necessary knowledge to tackle and learn about cloud computing. This cloud foundations course ensures that you have a structured way of learning all of the fundamental concepts, as well as keeping up with current trends and understanding the domain’s future.


There are many well-known cloud services, one of which is Microsoft Azure. This free and brief course teaches you how to use this service and become acquainted with its services and infrastructure.

With only one hour of video content, the course will introduce you to this cloud service and what you need to know about Microsoft Azure before you begin using it.

Then you’ll learn about data centers and regions, as well as some practical lessons like creating SQL database services and SQL Geo-replication. You will also create and configure a Windows virtual machine.


A cloud Guru provides some of the best online cloud computing courses we’ve found, and their exceptional interface makes learning fun. There’s not much left out — Azure, Linux, AWS, and GCP are all thoroughly covered.

Signing up for A Cloud Guru’s free monthly plan makes sense for beginners. You’ll have access to a limited number of rotating courses as well as the chance to interact with a community of fellow students and experts. After registering, you’ll be taken to a dashboard that lists the current free offerings. While they are subject to change, courses such as:

• Introduction to Cloud Computing

• Introduction to AWS

• AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2020

• AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02


This cloud computing course is more than just a primer. It covers a variety of other important topics in addition to an easy-to-understand introduction to cloud technology. The second module will provide you with an introduction to Service Models (SaaS) and Linux/cloud operating systems.

The third module will walk you through the services offered by various cloud platforms, including AWS and Google Cloud. It doesn’t stop there; you’ll also learn about the significance of visualization architecture as well as practical examples.

After finishing all nine but in-depth lectures, you’ll have a good understanding of how cloud infrastructure works and which areas you should focus on for further specialization.


Cloud Computing Law Specialization is a beginner-friendly course that addresses legal issues that may arise while transacting over the internet, even for those with no law or IT background. You’ll learn how European Union regulations govern personal data in the cloud. You will consider cloud contracts and intellectual property rights critically. You’ll also learn how the law and tax obligations may affect cloud customers and providers.

The course allows you to work on real-world case studies. You’ll assess the legal risks of using cloud solutions and assist cloud providers and customers in meeting regulatory requirements. Because cloud computing professionals must deal with complex issues such as cybersecurity, data loss, privacy, and intellectual property infringement, this course will be beneficial to your career.


This Pluralsight course is essential if you want to learn cloud computing theoretically as well as the cloud technologies that run on clouds such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. The course is intended for beginners and contains approximately 2 hours of video content.

Begin by understanding some of the fundamentals, such as the benefits of cloud computing and the risks associated with this technology.

Then you’ll see the different types of deployment models, such as Infrastructure as a service Iaas and its components, such as virtualization and pricing models. Then you’ll learn about cloud storage, as well as security and encryption.


This specialization is for you if you want a more in-depth introduction to cloud computing course certification and already have a basic understanding of computer systems and common programming languages. It lasts eight months and is taught by five professors from the Department of Computer Science at UILL.

You must pay for the specialization if you want to receive credit toward a degree program or if you need certification. You can, however, audit all of the courses (except the project module) for free. If you require credit or certification but cannot afford it, you can apply for financial assistance through the platform.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects equipped with sensors that collect and exchange data with one another. These web-enabled smart devices collect and send data to the cloud in the background. You have the best smart pet gadgets and smart home systems, for example, that you can use to automate your life.

As more IoT devices are developed, cloud computing professionals should become familiar with the core IoT technologies and platforms used in product development. This course will provide an overview of cloud technologies and platforms. You will also work on hands-on projects to learn how to use an AWS EC2 Virtual Computer and analyze Bluetooth and wireless networks.


This course will assist you if you want to learn more about the Microsoft Azure cloud service. This course is offered through Coursera.

Jum Sullivan is a seasoned trainer and Technology Partitioner. As a result, you can expect to learn all the fundamentals of cloud technology while having a great learning experience. The duration of this course is three weeks. And depending on your learning speed, you could finish it in your first week.

This course will begin with the question, “What is a cloud?” This course, like other introductory courses, provides an in-depth overview of managed services and deployment models.


This free online course from Linux is ideal for students who are new to the cloud and don’t know where to begin. Over the course of ten to fourteen weeks, Linux instructors will guide you step by step as you learn how to navigate the cloud. This is one of the best free online cloud computing courses you can take because you will learn how to build and manage cloud technologies from one of the world’s open source leaders.

You don’t need any prior experience with the cloud to succeed in this course because you’ll learn all the fundamentals of cloud computing during the lessons. You will also learn about the various cloud technologies and how to select the best technology stack for your needs.

That concludes the free Cloud Computing Courses for Beginners in 2024/25. These free online courses are most likely the best way to begin your career in the cloud computing industry, or simply to learn theoretically how these technologies work and their benefits in today’s digital world.

These courses Knowinsiders introduced are organized in the form of classes taught by high-quality instructors, thereby enhancing students’ knowledge or training them in a particular field. These courses vary greatly in length, number of students, and subject content.

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