Top 15 New Words in English for 2024/2025

Top 15 New Words in English for 2024/2025

Words come from many different sources. They can originate from new inventions, social and political issues, and popular culture trends. The English lexicon expands in tandem with these new ideas. Put another way, we have to stay current with new vocabulary as our world changes!

Let’s examine 15 new terms that will be commonly used in English by 2024.

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Definition: a red flag that someone could be a little dull.

The phrase “red flag” may be familiar to you as a warning that something hazardous is approaching. A beige flag, you see, is meant to suggest that someone might be a little “dull”. When people started using dating apps to determine whether or not a potential partner looked interesting to them, the expression gained popularity.

Ex: Did you see his profile pictures? They’re all photos of him on fishing trips. That’s such a beige flag for me!

Definition: an intense and forceful method of momentarily completing a task that aids in conquering an obstacle.

This phrase may have come from the video game Altered Beast from the 1980s, in which the player must gather power-ups to transform into an extremely strong beast. Beast mode, however, can be used to discuss anything from a student “pulling an all-nighter” to finish an assignment on time, to an athlete succeeding despite an injury!

Ex: Look at that chef preparing four meals at the same time. Absolute beast mode!

Definition: When you’re buzzed, you’re excited.

Ex: He was buzzed to hear the news.


Who doesn’t want a new English word to describe a good feeling?!

Definition: the practice of excessively viewing social media or online news, which causes you to feel depressed or anxious

It’s basically a mashup of two terms: scroll, which refers to moving left to right or up and down on a screen, and doom, which denotes death, destruction, or any other negative event that we cannot avoid.

Ex: I’ve been spending too much time doomscrolling recently. I need to stop staring at social media and go for a walk instead.


Despite being in use for some time, this term is relatively new to the dictionary.

When something (like eggs or chickens) is labeled as “free-range,” it indicates that the animals are not housed in cages but are instead kept in their natural habitat with unrestricted movement.

Ex: I only buy free-range eggs.


Talk about animal welfare and understanding the pre-consumption treatment of animals is becoming more and more common.

Definition: A “figurehead” is a person who appears to have significant authority or power within a group or organization but actually possesses little of either.

Ex: The CEO was seen as a figurehead in the company, while the true decision-making power was with the board of directors.


This term highlights the distinction between a symbolic leader and one with actual authority.

Definition: something worthy of being posted on Instagram.

Just picture the ideal shot of a stunning location, then consider the amount of attention it would garner on Instagram. Is it distinct? Is the design “aesthetically pleasing”? If so, it’s most likely “grammable”!

Ex: We have to visit Sri Lanka! There are so many ‘grammable spots there!

Definition: To be the very best at something.

We use the term “goated” to refer to someone who is at the top of their “chosen field”; it comes from the team G.O.A.T., which “stands for” Greatest Of All Time. But this should not be mistaken for the animal. For a whole year, the students were actually calling the poor teacher the G.O.A.T., but she mistakenly believed they were calling her a goat!

Ex: He was goated last season, but now he can’t score a single goal!

Definition: An extended area of high pressure over a specific region is referred to as a “heat dome”. A hot air mass is trapped beneath it.

Ex: The heat dome resulted in record-breaking temperatures across the region.


“Heat dome” and other new meteorological terms are introduced in discussions about climate change. There will probably be a lot more in the near future.

Definition: a phrase used to characterize Ken’s traits from the Barbie movie from 2023.

The term “Kenergy” gained public recognition in 2023 and is a portmanteau created by “blending” Ken and energy. Regarding the precise meaning of Kenergy, there are divergent viewpoints. The best recommendation is to watch the movie and then read this insightful Screenrant article about the true meaning of Kenergy. It is undoubtedly “thought-provoking”!

Ex: Check out the film and tell us what you think Kenergy really means!

Definition: An LLM is a computer program or artificial intelligence system capable of understanding and generating human-like text based on extensive language training and data.

Ex: ChatGPT, a large language model (LLM), can generate coherent and contextually relevant responses to a wide range of text inputs.


Big language models like ChatGPT are transforming how we communicate in natural language and use technology, highlighting how important it is to keep up with the latest advancements in language technology.

Definition: the daily duties and routine chores, like scheduling appointments, paying bills, and organizing paperwork.

Ex: Su Jin spent her Saturday morning tackling her life admin, from sorting through emails to scheduling appointments.


This phrase clarifies the different menial yet essential chores that keep our lives functioning properly.

Definition: a natural language instruction given by a human to an artificial intelligence system instead of using computer language.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI), and particularly generative AI, has gained enormous popularity. As with any new technology, we now speak with a whole new lexicon.

Even though you may have heard this term before, the development of AI has given it new significance.

An instruction given to an artificial intelligence program that directs or shapes the content it produces is called a “prompt”.

Ex: The prompt for the chatbot was to provide information on the latest tech trends.


The word “prompt” has become indispensable when talking about how AI systems work and how to create content using human input due to the growing usage of AI.

Definition: the capacity to entice someone else with charm, charisma, or beauty

When actor Tom Holland was asked about his “flirting” techniques, he answered that he had no rizz “whatsoever” and this statement became widely known. The word comes from the middle portion of charisma, much like how refrigerator and flu are shortened to fridge and flu, respectively!

Ex: She doesn’t even have to say anything. She’s got so much rizz that all she needs to do is walk into the room, and everyone is in her control.

Definition: A situationship is a romantic or sexual relationship that is not considered to be formal or established.

Ex: They were in a situationship for months before deciding to make their relationship official.


This word reflects modern relationships beyond traditional labels.

Language serves as a mirror of our dynamic world, and as it progresses, it enhances our capacity to articulate novel ideas and concepts. By keeping ourselves informed about newly coined words, we enhance our ability to communicate effectively and embrace the ever-changing nature of language.

May you successfully attain all your objectives in the year 2024. To effectively retain new vocabulary, it is advisable to utilize personal illustrations, while integrating new vocabulary into your oral and written communication is the most effective approach. Your instructor will consistently be accessible to assist you. Repetition leads to perfection!

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