Top 22 Essential and Useful Apps for Every Student to Download

Top 22 Essential and Useful Apps for Every Student to Download

Although college is difficult, there are many apps for that. With the top 20 best apps for college students, managing everything from homework to personal health to money management will be easier for you as you adjust to campus life.

There is no better way to take advantage of the savings that come with having a college email address than with Unidays. Sign up with email address to access student discounts on all of your favorite brands and websites. The app divides the discounts into sections for technology, fashion, and travel to make it simpler to know where to look.

If you want to logically arrange your notes and thoughts, notion is worth getting used to. You can store your data in connected blocks of text and media thanks to its flexibility in terms of content storage. Notion is even more appealing to students due to the availability of third-party templates for Kanban boards, daily planners, portfolios, and job hunt trackers.

For personal use, it is free!

A well-known and well-liked app called Headspace offers expert-led guided meditation sessions to help you form a habit. Additionally, it has a selection of soothing tunes and natural sounds that are ideal for using as background noise while writing.

You might also find it sleep-inducing. If that’s not enough, there are also uplifting tales to read when you need inspiration and uplifting music to listen to while you exercise.

Teens can download the app for free, while students can subscribe for $10 per year, which is a significant discount from the app’s normal $70 annual cost.

Spotify is not only the best music streaming service, but it also offers college students a discount on its premium service. You can create edgy playlists with all of your favorite songs and listen to them while creating great study playlists, such as the well-known lofi hip hop beats to unwind and study to.

Spotify is available for iOS users in the Apple App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

User, usage, and plan verification data are collected by Spotify. Along with voice data, payment and purchase information, contest, survey, and sweepstakes data can all be shared with Spotify at your discretion. Spotify also gathers information from outside sources, such as advertisers, technical service providers, payment partners, and partners in the provision of authentication services. User data is used by Spotify “for marketing, promotion, and advertising purposes” as well as to enhance the user experience.In order to better understand your interests or preferences and serve you with relevant advertisements, Spotify “may process certain personal data.

We don’t make money, so it’s a good idea to keep track of your spending over time. In a place where there are always excuses to party, you’ll need to do this even more. Mint is a budgeting app that provides clear visuals and simple insights to help you understand your monthly outflows. Even your paid subscriptions and cryptocurrency holdings can be tracked.

You will frequently pay for your friends’ expenses, and vice versa. Create a Splitwise group with them to keep track of all your expenses in one location rather than recording and paying for each transaction individually. Splitwise does the math for you and provides you with information about your financial situation, including who you owe money to and who owes you money.

A portable scanner is CamScanner. The.pdf file that is saved when you take a picture with the app is ideal for uploading handwritten assignments like lap reports. After a three-day free trial, the annual fee is $59.99.

Both the iOS and Android versions of CamScanner are available for download from the respective app stores.

Udemy is one of the most well-known e-learning platforms, and college is a great time to learn the technical and soft skills necessary for a successful career. Everything is available for you to consume, whether it’s courses on personal development or programming in languages like Python, R, or SQL. It’s best to avoid viewing this as an additional workload on top of a demanding school schedule because you can take non-academic courses. The app is well-designed, and if you’re not sure if you’ll always have a dependable internet connection, you can download courses for offline access.

When you travel with friends or live with roommates, SplitWise is useful for keeping track of shared expenses. SplitWise divides the costs you enter, and you can then use PayPal or Venmo to pay your friends.

SplitWise is available for iOS users in the Apple App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

Your phone can easily start to distract you and force you to finish your assignments at the last minute. You can unplug from your phone with the aid of Forest. Forest rewards you for not using your phone by encouraging the growth of an enjoyable virtual forest. What’s amazing is that if you put your phone away for a longer period of time and establish a good routine, you can eventually accumulate enough coins to use them to plant a real tree!

The ideal app to manage your busy schedule is Google Calendar. Use it to remember club meetings, due dates, and classes.

Google Calendar is available for iOS users in the Apple App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

Google Calendar only collects data to enhance user experience and does not sell user data.

You’re doing it wrong if you don’t use Google Lens while you’re in college. It wouldn’t be wise to discard this useful tool. You can copy text from any photos you have on your phone using its excellent OCR capabilities, allowing you to catch up to the professor who writes and presents at the speed of light. Even translation (if you take foreign language classes), a little bit of math, and general searches of things you might see but not recognize in your day-to-day activities can benefit from it.

It’s simple to record assignments and notes in your personal notes app. However, since Google Docs is free, compatible with all platforms, and automatically syncs documents across clients, it is preferable to use it. Even better, it provides the majority of features that Microsoft Word does for free and, because of its excellent collaboration tools, is appropriate for group assignments. In a similar vein, you can use Google Sheets for spreadsheet needs or Google Slides for presentations.

Quizlet is a website that creates flashcards that makes studying for tests very simple. It is especially useful because you can search the app to see if the flashcards for the exam you’re studying for already exist. Chances are, someone has already created them. Instead of studying harder, study smarter.

Both the iOS and Android versions of Quizlet are available for download from the respective app stores.

Your device’s information, location data, and log data are all collected by Quizlet. It states that it “may use your personal information for marketing the Service.”

If you want to take notes quickly and efficiently during a lecture or while doing research, xTiles is a great tool. On the go, you can make notes and lists, and you can save sources to the app for later study. For the best readability, the color and layout of the note pages can be changed. The user interface is simple to use and excellent for pulling out quickly. Additionally, xTiles syncs with other devices, transferring notes and recorded data to any device that has the app installed, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

For projects and revision, students frequently work with numerous PDF files both in-person and online. By offering practical tools to make PDFs more adaptable, PDF Reader Pro aids in managing PDFs by making simple tasks like converting file formats, merging multiple PDFs, and extracting individual pages. You can export your work to various file types and encrypt and decrypt files using PDF Reader Pro on a single device. Apps like these are ideal for streamlining processes because PDF files can be awkward to work with and challenging to modify, especially if you use a mobile device.

The source of all of a college student’s misery. Colleges use Duo Mobile, a two-step verification app, to safeguard your identity when logging into your campus portal.

Duo Mobile is available for download for both iOS and Android users in the respective app stores.

Every college student should have access to Venmo. With the help of the free app, you can send and receive money with your friends, making it simple to split the cost of meals, drinks, and gas. Or perhaps you need to ask your parents back home for some cash. Just a few taps will do that.

Venmo is available for download for Android and iOS users in the Google Play Store.

Using mind maps to generate ideas for a project or presentation is highly recommended. For making, editing, and working together on group mind maps or managing them for personal use, MindMeister is a fantastic app. With touch controls that keep things quick and accurate and a variety of personalization and customization options for some unique flair or humor, topics can be entered into the map. For added utility, you can enlarge on particular objects, upload videos, and share the map in real time with other project participants. With its skillful transformation of what was once a rigid practice into something you can invest in by quickly looking at your phone, MindMeister is impressive.

Word Hippo is a top-notch thesaurus app, and as we all know, writing essays requires the use of a good thesaurus. You can enter any word and Word Hippo will provide you with a wide range of synonyms.

Word Hippo is available for iOS users in the Apple App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

Tinder is a fantastic resource for meeting new people to do just that in college, which is a fantastic time to meet new people and explore your sexuality. With your college email, you can also sign up for Tinder U, which gives other students priority when you swipe.

Both the iOS and Android versions of Tinder are available for download from the respective app stores.

Tinder gathers data on your usage, your device, and any additional information you voluntarily share, like your geolocation. Other users, service providers, business partners, and other MatchGroup entities all receive this information from Tinder.

A fantastic time-management app is Pomodoro. It follows the Pomodoro technique, which calls for uninterrupted work for 25 minutes, followed by a five-minute break. Without the assistance of the Pomodoro method, I couldn’t have finished my thesis. Sorry, but this app is only currently accessible on the iPhone.

Pomodoro for iOS is available in the Apple App Store.

Pomodoro says it uses the information it gathers “to create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our products, services, content, and advertising.” It collects information like your IP address, location, and information about how much time you spend using the app. Additionally, the app gives you the option to turn off location services, and it states that “information cannot be linked to a particular user unless that user manually provides us with their anonymized, randomly-generated device or user ID.”

College life’s stresses and strains can add up over time, and it’s easy to develop bad habits thanks to the increased freedom you have as a student. There are many more helpful applications for maximizing efficiency and keeping a positive frame of mind available in the Play Store. You can manage your screen time, academics, and personal life with the help of these apps. They’ll help you keep track of time just as well as your preferred Android smartwatch.

These apps will help you succeed in all aspects of college life, whether you are a first-year student, a sophomore trying to avoid the slump, a junior determined to get organized, or a senior trying to juggle job applications and finals. A select few can even help you get the most out of graduate school.

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