Weekly Horoscope (January 22-28, 2024): Top 4 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope (January 22-28, 2024): Top 4 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

The Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter on January 22–28 ushers in a new week of generosity and friendliness for the signs of the zodiac.

Our lives start to get better and more fortunate. The 12 zodiac signs that have an optimistic outlook and a giving nature will draw good things into their lives.

The four luckiest signs of the zodiac this week are revealed by Knowinsiders.com based on unique astrological phenomena.

8:48 in the morning January 24, 2024 Jupiter conjugate with the Sun

The right angle is the hexagonal one. It provides you with a great deal of energy, success in life, general popularity, and advancement in your profession and in society. You might be fortunate and possess a strong sense of justice.

7:49 a.m. Uranus is in transit on January 23, 2024.

When Uranus is in Aries, we may be liberated from religious explanations of origin and outdated models of biological evolution, allowing radical ideas about our future on this planet to surface. ours.

Venus transits Pisces on January 27, 2024, at 10:26 a.m.

Venus enters Pisces, which makes us empathetic, loving, and caring. We are highly attractive because we are very enthusiastic in the emotional realm.

When Uranus is in a good position, Cancer is the constellation that experiences the greatest amount of favorable changes among the four luckiest zodiac signs for the week (January 22–28, 2024).

Cancer is a sign of gentleness and softness by nature. You will therefore be astonished by your dynamism and enthusiasm in life and at work after this favorable passage passes.

Cancers have wider social circles and are more likely to be gregarious, which will open up a lot of favorable opportunities for them to get lucky. Additionally, this astrological segment raises your status and makes Cancer more outgoing and gregarious. You learn to cooperate and trust them over time as you let go of your doubts.


Within the four most fortunate signs during the week of January 22–28, Libra benefits from a fortunate omen brought about by the auspicious Uranus. Libra is currently quite busy as a result of the numerous requests for assistance and guidance.

As the coworker who comes to you last in a crisis, Libra may be the best at sharing and inspiring.

These are opportunities for you to advance your career. A great opportunity will present itself, and Libra must grasp it.

This week, Aries will be much more sublime due to the Sun and Jupiter conjunction. Those that this hexagon illuminates seldom let us down.

because they always have a wealth of knowledge, are incredibly passionate, and are helpful to others. These characteristics make Aries less of a competitor and less of an aggressive person because so many people adore and support you.

You possess a great deal of faith in life, kindness, virtue, and steadfastness. Your life is very organized because Aries values equality, law, and order. Aries people are trustworthy and genuine in everything they say. Also bright and widely believed is your fortune.

Aquarius inherits good fortune from Venus in Pisces, so the love story is very favorable. Your personality is gentle, delicate, understanding and quite sensitive.

With a penchant for romance, the love story of Aquarius is always colorful and sexy.

Aquarius is not a talkative person, so when Venus in Pisces transits it will encourage you to share more. You are also pulled out of distant dreams, providing a real and close emotional episode.

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