Who is ‘Little Girl’ Tong Tong – First AI Child in the World with Full Emotions of Joy and Anger

Who is ‘Little Girl’ Tong Tong – First AI Child in the World with Full Emotions of Joy and Anger

The AI baby girl is affectionately known as Little Girl, or Tong Tong in Chinese.

Tong Tong, unlike large language models commonly used in AI, can perform tasks independently, such as exploring the surrounding environment, cleaning rooms, and wiping stains.

The AI girl has her own emotions and intelligence, as well as a strong ability to learn on her own. She also has an open and clean personality.

Visitors can interact with Tong Tong at a technology exhibition in Beijing organized by the Beijing Institute of General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI). Tong Tong can fix a warped picture frame himself without being told to do so, thanks to programming software that prefers neatness.

Thanks to her ability to interpret human intentions and perform tasks automatically, this AI girl becomes very different.

Designed for self-study and said to have emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness. The girl is described as a “child” who possesses intelligence, tries to understand common sense taught by humans, distinguishes right from wrong, shows attitudes in various situations, and has the ability to shape the future.

“Tong Tong possesses wisdom, attempting to absorb and comprehend the common sense taught by humans.” “She can distinguish between right and wrong and express her feelings in a variety of situations,” BIGAI said.

Furthermore, in terms of general artificial intelligence standards, Tong Tong behaves and performs similarly to a 3-4 year old child. Dong Dong’s skills, knowledge, and values can all be improved over time through exploration and human interaction.

Mr. Zhu Songchun, Director of BIGAI, stated that “to move towards advanced artificial intelligence, we must create entities that can understand the real world and possess many skills.”

Mr. Zhu defined rote learning as simple imitation through repetitive training, which is a type of low-level intelligence. In contrast, the crow model represents independent reasoning behavior and advanced intelligence motivated by values, cause, and effect.

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